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Here are size comparisons, the Beattie on the left is the first edition, the right one is the second edition. First 2 are nimrods, followed by the Rogers then the 55 zippo.



And here is the Rogers vs the zippo vs Beattie in size. The Beattie is thicker and a bit wider.

I bought a yellow flame and an arc zippo insert, and have been trying them.
The arc lighter is completely useless for a pipe. I have my doubts it would even be useful for a cigar. You essentially have to put the end of what you are lighting right into the arc beams, which is a very narrow shallow opening.
It's kind of cool, and recharges via USB, but honestly not very practical.
The yellow flame insert works quite well. The flame is adjustable and I had no difficulty lighting my pipes.
The geometry is quite different from a Corona though.
With a Corona or other side type flame, it is intuitive that the lighter is out of the way.
With the top exit on the Zippo, I did have to turn the lighter sideways and I also found it easier to tilt the pipe.
It works just fine though, and is a nice, inexpensive refillable alternative to a Bic disposable.
I'll mention that the Zippo butane insert uses flints for the spark rather than a piezoelectric igniter.
Not an issue at all, the Corona does as well.
If you're used to a Corona, the Zippo takes a second to get used to.
If you're a disposable butane lighter guy, this is a natural more classy alternative to the plastic Bics.

I prefer flints. Piezo always fails over time, at least all of mine became unreliable.


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I received the Zippo yellow flame insert already (Amazon next day). Generally I like it. There's no ability to adjust the flame size, but the flame is big so it's fine for a cigar. The button that releases the gas is a little small, so it's easy for your thumb to come off of it, which is likely the source of some of the complaints that the lighter doesn't work.
The Zippo yellow flame insert I have has a screw at the bottom to adjust the flame.
Here’s a Japanese made Butane Zippo, bought it at least thirty years ago, runs very well, however in the wind, I use one of the more modern three jet turbo butane lighters for my cigars. As with most things Japanese manufactured and designed, this lighter rivals all the Dunhills and DuPonts most of my long time friends have had. Cost me approximately forty bucks back then. Use what you enjoy.


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It’s been a while since anybody has posted here, but I just got this vintage Dunhill lighter working and use a rebuild kit to do it. What an amazing lighter, only 2 “O” rings and a small felt filter were the only things worn. There are 2 more rubber parts that could wear out but the rest of it is all metal. This will outlast just about anything considering how it’s made. No wonder they cost a kings ransom.


I looked at that recently as well. Can you buy an empty Zippo shell or a complete butane lighter?
This might have been covered since this post is about a year old but the butane replaces the Zippo wick. Inserts into the shell of the Zippo perfectly. I've had mine for 15 years.

AND NOW these enablers have been looking at Dupont lighters like I need another hole in my head.


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I own several zippo lighters. They are my go to lighter for pipes. I've heard several complaints that they leave an undesirable taste but I've used them for years and never had an issue. YMMV but for the price and functionality I say you can't beat them.
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