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Cigars: Dialed In Or Still Playing The Field


Back in the 1990s and 2000s, I was trying every new cigar I could get my hands on.

For roughly ten of those years I was publishing an online cigar e-zine (nothing huge on the level of cA, but it sure was fun :)) and had lots of new cigars coming through for reviews, articles, etc. Needless to say, there were always lots of fun cigars around. ;)

As I've gotten older, my taste in cigars has really dialed in so that there are maybe a half-dozen or so cigars that I reach for when heading out for the evening.

What do you esteemed Brothers of the Leaf say?

Have you narrowed your cigar focus?

Or are you still "foot loose and fancy free", playing the cigar field?

Champion of Capua

I personally like trying new things, cigars, alcohol, food.... I do have my favorite cigars that I grab more than others, but I’ve got a great cigar lounge near me that does a good job of introducing me to new cigars. Also belong to a cigar club that sends out 5 different sticks every month. I really enjoy finding new wonderful cigars to go with my usual rotation.
I do try less new cigars than I used to. Not because I don't think I'd like new things. Because there are already so many cigars I love that I barely have time and humidor space for them.


I try a lot. I mean I probably have 20 pounds of tins of pipeweed I haven't tried yet!

I know what I like in cigars but what I enjoy varies on time of day, what kind of mood I'm in etc so it's nice to have variety.

My local shop was owned by an older couple. They didn't rotate new stuff in like they used to but when they would get new stuff I would try it.

They sold so they could retire. New owner rotates as he can and there is always something I haven't had and go for it.

I have my Staples. Anything AJ Fernandez, anything San Andreas leaf... Undercrown or Liga... Most things Sungrown...

I need to find and buy a few cases of the Crowned Heads Buckeye Land. Not only is it named for my home state, it is a fantastic smoke.
My choices are Monte #4, #2, the short #2, and robustos from HdM, RyJ, Partagas and Bolivar. Also a fan of AF short story, Hemingway and the Best Seller, and the Padron Anniversario series. I don’t smoke cigars as often as I used to; I have a humidor full of HdM robustos that is going on four years. They should be superb.


Main reason for me wanting to try new cigars is to develop my palate. I think you gotta smoke more to learn more. I recently started trying all sorts of new beers. I’m finally starting to pick up on the different flavors in beer. I’m hoping the same will be true for cigars. The more I smoke the more I’ll start tasting the different flavors.

So I can’t settle on just a one or two right now.
I've "dialed in". I know what I like and have found them in a purveyor that sells them at a reasonable price. I smoke these most of the time.

Only when I'm out with the guys and we find ourselves at a smoking parlor with a vast selection do I sample something else that tickles my fancy. It's rare though.

Dialed in mostly... I pretty much only smoke Short Stories. I'll reach for one in Maduro dress occasionally and a few times a year I'll try a new stick. I do like other sticks but only get a chance to smoke a few times per month at best, so I feel like I can't "afford" (the opportunity) to take a chance on a bad stick. I am the type of person who is content with what I like and don't indulge often enough to get tired of them.
Since I have picked up the pipe, I now like the occasional cigar to be a shorter smoke and reasonably priced, which would include, Short Stories, Rocky Patel Vintage, Nub, etc.
If someone hands me a new stick to try, I will certainly fire it up. Can't beat the price.

But at this point, I am pretty content with the ones I've settled on.

Their sure smoking predictability is a further source of comfort and relaxation.

The same is true with my pipe leaf.