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Questions about head shaving, razors, safety razor blades etc.

Just tried some Feather blades and Astra Superior Platinums the past few days and the shaves aren't much better, so I am guessing that maybe my current razors don't suit me/my head. The Astras gave me a decent DFS, but it took quite a few passes to get there. The Feathers (for whatever reason), I ended up with a SAS/CCS and I simply gave up with it as I was getting some nicks/irritation trying to do more passes. Pretty shocked how bad the shave ended up with them. I used the Leaf Thorn for both blades.

Out of all the blades I've tried so far, I'd say the Parker and Schick blades have been the best. The Parker takes quite a few passes, but they are pretty smooth and give me close to a BBS result with the least amount of irritation, and the Schicks may be even closer to BBS at the cost of a little more irritation. I have no idea where to buy them from as I only had some that came with the cheap Schick DE razor I bought about year or so ago. I would have liked another 5 or so blades to try as I used them with the DE razor and never got to really try them in the Leaf Thorn or Leaf Shave a few times to see how good they really are.
I have a number of razors and blades and whatever I use to shave my face I also use on my head. For blades I have great luck with an enormously wide variety of brands.
Hey Emwolf, I'd say Parker, Schick, Astra Platinum so far have given me the best shaves, but for whatever reason the Feathers I just tried in my Leaf Thorn gave me a very average result. I'd say it was between CCS & DFS, but those other blades give me closer to DFS/BBS(depending on how much time I spend & passes, usually 45 minutes for BBS).

To a lesser degree, I found the 7 a.m. Platinum and Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless to also give good results, but take more time/passes to do so than the top 3 I mentioned.

A bunch of other blades also give me a better result with more passes than I just got with the Feather blades (Tiger, Astra Superior Stainless, Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge). The worst blades I've used so far are both the Shark blades (Super Stainless & Super Chrome) and Derby Green packet (Not sure which model it's called. I think it is Derby Extra). The Sharks were terrible for me, only giving a SAS/CCS at best.

I am a bit stumped as I thought the Feathers are supposed to be the sharpest blade, so I thought with enough passes that I'd get a BBS or near BBS shave. I was even worried about using them thinking I might cut myself up, but nothing more than usual happened (a few nicks here and there and irritation due to the extra passes trying to get DFS/BBS). Maybe it's my razor not getting the best out of them? Also, can there be dud blades in certain batches?
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If you're having good shaves with the Astra SP (my favourite blade), you might also try a pack of Dorco Prime blades. They are as smooth and sharp, but I find the edge doesn't last quite as long. I've been using them lately just to break out of my rut. :) And getting some good shaves with a RazoRock Superslant L2OC.

Back of the head usually feels pretty stubbly after 2-3 passes in certain areas (I usually got with the grain once and the against the grain at least 3 times),
For me, that is the hardest and most stubborn turf to get smooth.
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The back of the head is my challenge area as well. And I agree with ewk that XTG is the money pas after first doing an ATG. That is when I am chasing BBS which I normally do not do - but then again I am nowhere near as experienced as the other brothers replying to your thread.

As far as razors are concerned there are a couple that give me really close shaves in only one or two passes. The Greencult 2.0 level II, Gillette Old Type , Fatip Piccolo, Razorine Flatboy (nice long handle), Timeless 95SCL, Eclipse Red Ring, Lambda Athena (which is about the only razor that gave me nicks on my head and it’s supposed to have zero blade exposure!). I found the GC2 and Flatboy to be the most effective overall.


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FWIW I shave my head with a Schick Injector. Every once in a while I use a GEM Micromatic, but never a DE. In my experience finding the right angle to shave with a DE on all the whacky geometry of my head is just too difficult. So if you haven't tried a single edged razor on your dome, I recommend it!
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