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Christmas PIF ! Gillette Redtip

Since red is one of the primary colors of the season, here's a Gillette Redtip up for a PIF. I'd just ask that you do not currently have a Redtip in order to play. Fair enough? The date code is A4. The paint is a bit worn from normal use but otherwise, this is really a nice razor. The plating is still in great shape with no brassing that I can see anywhere . Just say "I'm in".

I'll pick a winner with random.org tomorrow. Good luck & Merry Christmas!

Winner via random.org is poster #4, coonskinner

Congrats to the winner. Thanks to all for participating.


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Very nice PIF! I am NOT in because I have one, a 1956 Red Tip. A favorite and steady player in my rotation. get in on this Red Tip wannabes!
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