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Captain Murphy (Chris Smith) Update Sought

Captain Murphy (Chris Smith) is well known and revered on this forum. No question. He has an excellent reputation as a long standing member, double edged razor enthusiast, and a sought after, reliable and very rare to find "fixer of stuff - razor related". I've been lucky enough to deal with him in the past. And, it's well known that those who seek to have him work on their razors will have to be patient. However, I feel the need to try to track him down, on this public forum, at this juncture. No disrespect is intended, I just want "contact" or an update from someone. My story is short: The Captain has had 2 of my double edged safety razor plates in his possession for the last 14 months. Attempts to contact him during this time have been unsuccessful, in that I haven't heard back. I think that this is getting to be just a bit too much, no matter how busy someone may be. So, I'm reaching out. Hopefully to the Captain himself. Or, to anyone who may be able to advise on his current status. Can anyone assist or provide updated information? Thanks kindly.
You might try contacting Chris @ Razorplate as I know in the past he used him quite a bit to disassemble and reassemble razors he plated...
Hi Muzichead.

I did communicate with Chris@Razorplate a few months back about my trying to get in touch with CAP. Chris said that he hadn't heard from him in a while and wasn't sure how CAP was. But thanks for the suggestion.
Just bumping this thread. I'm perturbed. Chris Smith (Captain Murphy, CAP) has been pretty much an institution around this forum for many years, even before I joined and I joined 10 years ago. His name comes up over and over with much lavish praise. If anyone needed something fixed of a razor nature, he was the go-to guy. And, it was also well known that CAP got busy from time to time and if you dealt with him he was going to be hard to reach occasionally. But, the silence from the members of Badger & Blade is deafening right now on CAP's disappearance. Surely someone has some information that can be shared. Surely some others in the community have razors and parts that are in the possession of CAP. And they're wondering if and when they will ever be returned. Or, am I the only one who has items with CAP? Come on, its time to speak up folks!
No idea, but searching back through threads when he has dropped off the face of the earth before, most recently in 2019, he was deployed.
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