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I find the solution.....to razor bumps

I find the solution

Hello people of B&B!

Since my teenage years, I have had problems shaving my face, particularly my neck area, which always gets irritated and full of bumps. I still remember the first time I shaved with a cartridge razor. My neck was full of bumps and irritation, which was not surprising considering that I shaved directly against the grain as my first pass. I asked my barber at the time what I did wrong, and he responded, "You probably shaved against the grain, try to follow the direction of your hair growth." I was completely lost and didn't understand what he meant because I thought everyone shaved from the top of the face to the bottom. It wasn't until then that I realized the hair on my neck grows in the opposite direction. And I tried shaving WTG but still there was irritation and bumps. Going forwards, I gave up on the idea of shaving my face with a razor and thought that only an electric razor or growing a beard were viable options for me.

Coming to the present day, I have decided to shave my face and resolve my problem with razor bumps once and for all. But first I would like to share more about my life and myself, so this post will be another wall of text. Don't worry, I will make a break line colored in red. You can start reading the part after the break line if you aren't interested in my story.

I can't remember the exact year, but let's say it was 2021 (it could have been 2020, but I'm not sure, so we'll stick with 2021). So in 2021, I made the decision to "shave" my head. Well, technically, I used a trimmer, so I didn't actually shave it, but you get the idea. I was experiencing hair loss and was at a Norwood scale 3, so my options were either to go for the bald cut or try to keep my hair and find a haircut that would minimize the appearance of my hair loss. The second option wasn't for me. I am not insecure about my hair loss and had always believed, even before my hair started falling out, that my head would look good bald. Trying to hide it would have only made me feel insecure and like a loser.

Until around mid-2022, I continued using a trimmer to cut my hair. My lovely mom and my brother helped me cut it at home, but eventually, I learned to do it myself towards the end. You may think it's something easy to do on your own, but I always worried about missing a spot or not getting an even cut all around my head, so I always asked my family to help me.

In the end, I decided to go with a razor to achieve that flawless bald look. At first, I used Gillette disposable blue 2 razors because I simply followed my dad's lead. However, I later decided to purchase my own razor and ended up with a Gillette Fusion 5. Unfortunately, it didn't significantly improve my shaving experience and only made it more expensive. Each pack of four blades cost me 12 euros, and each blade was only good for two shaves before it started to deteriorate with each subsequent use. In my quest for a better shave and a cheaper one, I end up discovering safety razors and the world of traditional wet shaving. Well, I have to say that since shaving is also a hobby for me now, I haven't saved a lot of money by switching, but at last I have found way better shaves and enjoyment.

Unfortunately, I can't remember what made me discover this world, but I am glad I got into it. I will not post here about my first experience with a safe razor since I have already made a post about it. If you are curious, here is the thread:How was your first time? - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/how-was-your-first-time.638923/

When I got into this world, I thought that safety razors would make my bump disappear, but that wasn't the case. It did make an improvement considering that I had way less irritation than using the Fusion 5, but that also took me a bit of time since I had a hard time shaving my face and tend to get nicks sometimes. On the other hand, shaving my head with a DE razor was just fantastic, so much smoother than shaving with Gillette cartridges. It was love at first shave. Also, I have to say that it is easier for me to shave my head by a wide margin since I hardly get cuts(then skin on the head is more tens and leads to less cuts and irritation). It takes me more time and effort because there is more skin to shave, but at the same time, it is easier, and I can make some technical errors (like applying too much pressure or a bad angle) without the fear of bleeding to death.

After several months of regularly shaving my face once a week, I managed to find a great combination of razor and blade that provided me with a smooth, irritation-free shave. My facial skin was looking great, without any nicks, bumps, or rashes. However, the following day, I noticed the sudden appearance of red bumps all over my neck, leaving me puzzled and concerned about what was happening.
Observing the hair on my neck grow throughout the week, I soon realized that these bumps were actually ingrown hairs. It took over a week for the irritation to subside, and during this time, I would patiently wait for the dead skin to peel off naturally or occasionally use tweezers to free the trapped hair. Trying to extract the hair when the bump was still red would only lead to further irritation and potentially tear the skin, prolonging the healing process.


So, I embarked on a journey to find a solution for my razor bumps. The first product I tried was La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5+. This product is fantastic for the skin and has replaced my aftershave balms because it does a better job of healing skin irritation and providing moisture after shaving. However, it doesn't help with the bumps themselves. While it does help my bumps heal faster (within a week), it isn't specifically designed to address the issue I'm facing. Nonetheless, I'm happy with my purchase because it works wonders as an aftershave, surpassing any commercially marketed products I've tried. In my quest for a solution, I came across a video made by Dr. Muneeb Shan, a dermatologist known as "Doctorly" on YouTube and Instagram. He discussed resolving razor bumps by using salicylic acid, an exfoliator that helps prevent ingrown hairs after shaving. According to his recommendation, using a product with 2% salicylic acid the day after shaving can effectively prevent ingrown hairs from occurring.

During my search for a suitable product, I came across the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution from The Ordinary, which is widely used and reasonably priced. However, I was disappointed to find out that it is sold for double the price in my country compared to other places. It turns out that The Ordinary doesn't directly distribute its products in my country, but there are retailers who import from Europe and the USA. Furthermore, I learned that the 2% serum is quite potent, and it is recommended to use it only once a week.People who have used it more than once a week end up with acne breakouts and irritation on their face.

I started searching for something gentler and ended up discovering the Cerave SA Smoothing Cleanser, I also came across another product called Cerave Renewing SA Smoothing Cleanser. From my understanding, they are essentially the same product but marketed differently. Let me tell you, this has been a total game changer for me. It effectively prevents ingrown hairs from occurring. I typically use it the day after I shave in the morning, around 14 to 16 hours after I've shaved since I usually shave in the afternoon. And it successfully prevents any ingrown hairs from developing. The only drawback I have noticed is that if you have any lingering irritation from your shave the day before, the Cleanser may temporarily aggravate it, but the usually subsides within a few hours after use. I also use it even if I don't shave since it helps to alleviate rough and bumpy skin texture, leaving skin feeling smoother and unclogging pores. It can be used every day, or at least that is what Cerave has stated in the description of the product. I tend to use it with irregular intervals. since I don't want to risk aggravating my skin, which is quite sensitive. I hope I have been helpful to anyone who has come across this thread searching for a solution for their razor bumps. Let me know if you tried my method and if it helped.
I used to struggle with terrible razor burn and also got ingrowns too.
but ive been free of both for a while now.
In my experience there were a few things that fixed it but as with everything to do with this search for the holy grail YMMV.
I used to shave only once per week and the results were not great.
Once I got to DE shaving I could shave every three or four days but still got irritation.
After a while I found that what worked was only using proper sharp blades. even now I dont risk more than 4 shaves with even a feather blade.
Next, prep, products and patience. Products means (for me anyways), a mild moisturising face wash, a good preshave cream or oil, a good shave cream or soap which in the early days I didnt face lather to avoid brush burn, and after shaving rinse with warm water and apply a few drops of hyaluronic toner, then maybe a moisturiser and avoid alcohol based products. Then slowly work up to shaving more frequently. I think you would benefit from taking it slowly.
I used to think i had sensitive skin until I discovered the above. oh and lastly, dont stretch the skin too hard otherwise ingrown hairs, plus regularly change blades and also keep your face well moisturised too ie use a good night creme (nivea is really good too and cheap) and PATIENCE, it takes time.
Also found that only one pass was good too. So now I can get BBS with only one pass.

Hope it helps and as always YMMV.
"I typically use it the day after I shave in the morning, around 14 to 16 hours after I've shaved since I usually shave in the afternoon."

Interesting. It would never have occured to me to wait before applying it. I think I see the logic though. Bravo!
"I typically use it the day after I shave in the morning, around 14 to 16 hours after I've shaved since I usually shave in the afternoon."

Interesting. It would never have occured to me to wait before applying it. I think I see the logic though. Bravo!
This was a revelation to me too, to allow the hairs to start growing and then gentle exfoliation to help them come through, it's also useful as it reduces the risk of aggravating your skin prior to or just after shaving.

It's also my experience that a warm water rinse in the morning / prior to a shave is all I need in contrast to evenings where a cleanser is necessary to wash of pollutants and SPF that I typically wear most days.

Some research indicates that for most people cleansing once a day is better for their skin as every time a cleansing product is used the skin barrier is weakened somewhat.
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