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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by jzuzphreek, Apr 5, 2013.

    It seems all the other subs have an Acquisition thread of some sort. How come there's no sticky for our home café hardware acquisitions?

    To start it off, this week I acquired an 8 cup Chemex and a Baratza Encore grinder! (Thanks to my beautiful wife :001_tt1:!)
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    We're just a bit lax in The Cafe`. Still mellowing out in last year's thread. It's not stickied, but it's still on the menu. Last year's coffee. :)

    Nice combo you got there. Enjoy.
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  3. I've made a few purchases in the last few weeks.

    FreshRoast SR500 home roaster

    Hario Skerton Hand Grinder

    Baratza Maestro Plus Grinder


    Metal disc filter for Aeropress

    Sur La Table stove top kettle

    Bodum double walled glass mugs (set of 2)

    DIY Cold Brew setup (2 jars, small strainer, coffee filters)

    Teaze Over the Cup infuser

    Tuffy Travel Tea Infuser

    Various metal mesh tea infusers

    Peet's House Blend Whole Bean
    Peet's Major Dickason Whole Bean
    8 OClock Decaf Whole Bean

    4 pounds of 'green' beans of various origin

    Twinnings Earl Gray Loose Leaf
    Twinnings Breakfast Blend Loose Leaf
    The TeaSpot Strawberry Rhubarb Green Tea Loose Leaf
    2oz of a second flush Darjeeling from a local tea house
  4. Just added this blue willow cup & saucer to my inventory. English made. Grabbed it at a local antique swap shop. $5

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  6. Not hardware, but a great find, none-the-less!

    I just found out that my local Whole Foods roasts its own coffee and sources high quality loose leaf teas! So, with this I make my way into the world of tea!


    From the top:
    1) 1 lb Mexican SO (Single Origin) Coffee (Grapos ranch/coop)
    2) Earl Grey
    3) White Tea infused with rose petals
    4) Black (Sorry, can't remember the name)
    5) Matcha Green
    6) White

    Can't remember the names of any of the teas, which, I realize makes identification and commentary pretty useless.

    No hardware acquisitions for the tea yet, but I came up with an awesome "gaiwan"! My handy-dandy TARDIS Mug!! It has a lid, which makes it perfect for pouring the tea while holding back the leaves! Currently pouring into my standard ceramic work coffee mug. I'll work on the equipment in the coming weeks.
  7. Great find!
  8. My wife just sent me an emailed saying my roaster arrived. Can't wait to try it out!

  9. Holy moly!!! I was in green bean heaven earlier today.... I haven't roasted in so long. Gonna pick some up for a "post-finals/LOTH&Kiddo-Out-of-town" roasting party!
  10. Got home tonight to find that my BonaVita Variable Temp Electric Kettle had arrived. With it was my new copy of "Home Coffee Roasting: Romance & Revival"

  11. What are those ugly green circle things behind the shiney kettle?
  12. Those belong to Mrs Liberty, and despite my efforts they aren't going away
  13. Stick with it. It'll happen eventually.
  14. I know this might be sacrilege but I saw this Keurig B70 at a garage sale and picked it up on the cheap for $30.
    I got a couple reuseable filter cups and these filled with 10 grams ea of Kirkland Signature Espresso Blend ground to drip and the machine set to 192°/5.25 cup size I get a decent out the door/off to work in a hurry cup of coffee.
    It also works quite good for tea water.
    I will still use the Aeropress on the weekends but this is going to make the work day a little easier to face.

  15. I've had the itch to try my hand at espresso. After reading a ton of reviews I picked up a Gaggia Classic.

    View attachment 346946

    So far so good. I plan on adjusting the pressure valve in the near future, but for right now I'm having a lot of fun and the whole family is staying fully caffeinated.
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    There we go. And coffee makes a fine addition to a dry rub. . . .
  17. Madcap varietal series...

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  18. I don't quite have the refinement of most tea/coffee drinkers but I do love my hot teas and my holy heck sweet southern tea. (which reminded me to get up and make sun tea for tomorrow while writing this post) But this is my latest pick up. Marrakesh Mint Tea from and a collapse-able steeper. I picked them both up at Walt Disney World of all places. Lol. My go to coffee sadly, is at Starbucks. I'm not a big coffee drinker and I can't afford an espresso machine to make the few coffee drinks I like at Starbucks. So here ya go!

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  19. My acquisition probably isn't all that exciting to most but I'm psyched. I finally made a good cup of coffee at home. I bought myself a french press.

    I have also been using preground coffee in an old drip machine I inherited, its been pretty gross. So I also bought some whole bean coffee for the first time. I used a blade grinder that I usually use to grind spices, so my first cup came out with a hint of cardamom. But the coffee since has been excellent. My next purchase will have to be another grinder.

    Let the insanity begin.
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