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BST 50 "Quality Post" requirement


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I've seen in "Some Forums" in the past, people hanging around just watching for free stuff. Having a minimum post count for PIF's would slow that down a bit. Now, I know it's up to the person who is giving away the item to make the rules if any. And some people just want to part with stuff no matter what. It's just a way to keep the freebie grabbers away. Maybe a dedicated place to post the PIF's with the basic rules too so stuff grabbers would see and not want to hang around just for that.

I will be the first to say that I've won my share, if not more, PIF's. And I thank everyone who donated. This is just an idea to kick around up there behind the curtain in Mod Land.
I get that, and it's always an iffy thing with some folks.
Guys who run a PIF can say something like "Not open to members who have won a PIF in the last 6 months" or "Not open to members who have entered a PIF in the last 60 days"
Pretty easy to check the latter, though the former requires either trusting to the honor system or digging into history.
Ultimately, it's up to the guy running the PIF to decide who he wants to allow in, what the criteria is, and even who is ineligible after the fact.
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A vaping forum I use has the 50 post count, otherwise folks join, buy loads of stuff at reasonable cost, then shoot off without even joining in on the threads.
On another forum I posted a WTB for a specific razor. I have had two responses from new members with zero posts. I just ignored them. It's possible they were new and not swindles, but why risk it. Though initially annoyed with the requirement, I understand it. I am now hopefully one post closer.
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