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Review on Dragonsbeard of ETHOS Grooming Essentials

Hi folks :)

I again decided to write another review on this amazing set.

It is Dragonsbeard of ETHOS Grooming Essentials.

Let's take a look!


Razor - Rockwell 2C, 2nd plate
Blade - Gillette Platinum Light Blue
Brush - Semogue 2000 (actually I used Personal made synthetic brush instead)
Soap - ETHOS Grooming Essentials Dragonsbeard
Post - ETHOS Grooming Essentials Dragonsbeard

•Overall Look


I am very sorry for this edited picture. I deleted the original one one day.

When Frank, the owner, stepped into this shaving industry, he made this very first soap and splash then.

He has been using that logo as his profile picture in other forums since then as well.

When I saw that logo for the first time as I got to know ETHOS two years ago, I thought it dowdy. Don't get me wrong - I like it very much now :)

Now it seems very attractive for no reason.

Black and a dragon expresses macho, manly mood, which made me guess the scent would be heavy.

• Ingredients


It seems that the underlined ones on top are responsible for the base of this soap.

What is remarkable is that it doesn't contain any water. Instead, it has aloe vera juice a lot.

In addition, Frank chose not mediocre ingredients but high quality ones. He added as many organic ones as he could.

Not only tallow but also duck fat, shea butter, sheep milk, camel milk, bison tallow and other plant based ones are now a very attractive base, which provides a large amount of thickness and high level slickness.

And you can see EOS Complex, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, collagen protein, vitamin E(panthenol) and other skin beneficial ingredients.

EOS Complex is what Frank made using over 30 ingredients for skin care. Of course, they have never been a problem.

With EOS Complex, I could improve my skin over time. It didn't improve my troubled skin due to cartridge razors immediately.

After I started to use safety razors, my skin was a bit better but there surely was a limit. At that moment, some shaver introduced ETHOS to me and I used a set for more than three months. Then I could see the difference.

I guess most or some of you know how good allantoin and panthenol are. They are used in skin care products around the world. They soothe and moisturise irritated skin too with hyaluronic acid.

Given the ingredients Frank uses, I could understand how slick and thick the lather is and how it improves my skin with the splash and why the products are expensive.

• Scents

Agarwood EO, Oud resin, and East Indian Sandalwood make exceptionally gorgeous woody scent.

Amber, tonka bean and Madgascar vanilla bean add sweet flavour to it.

Finally rose Damask gives just a bit of floral taste to the whole scent.

So the scent suits fall and winter perfectly.

It feels as if a gentleman would be in a chestnut suit with a matching coat in this scent.

Every time I buy and get products from ETHOS, their scents never disappoint me at all.

• Lather and Shave


An almond size will do for lathering.

When lathering in a bowl, the soap requires just a little bit of water, about two or three drops and a damp but well squeezed brush.

However, the soap absorbs water so quickly that it becomes heavy, which leads you to add a few drops of water very soon.

Never start lathering with more water from the beginning. If you do so, watery bubbles will continue to be made.

Anyway when you succeed, you will get creamy thick lather.


The lather on the face helps razors glide very smoothly. When I shaved, it felt like the razor was figure skating on the ice link.

Very protective because it is very slick.

• Post Feeling

ETHOS focuses on detergency. It means the soap doesn't leave any residue when cleansed after shaving.

I washed my face, touched the skin and it wasn't slippery, which means it was washed well clearly.

It felt very fresh and I got to know that I like this feeling.

• Conclusion

I know it has been a bit controversial regarding the prices but what I can say is the products from ETHOS are worth the price and a try.

I also thought it is a bit expensive when the price went up but I couldn't give up this brand because I thankfully have got my skin better using them.

Why not use when you can have your skin get better using shaving products ?

Besides, now I think it is not costly because even though I use them often, the amounts don't seem to decline much.

They last long but this point would not attract you because those of soaps from other brands don't seem so, either.

Anyway, some may not like woody scent but it doesn't feel overwhelming but does feel very gourmet, luxurious and gorgeous.

Dragonsbeard is only released every October in a limited number.

Thank you for reading my review.

I hope it helps and have a great shave whatever you use :)
Hi @BrianHH - he can make 3.5oz version of the splash too (custom orders). I have a few and get double the EOS complex in it (hybrid) for next release. He still has some 2oz versions in stock on his website.
If you are asking for a special order, just be patient with communication right now. Frank had a major tragedy and is still trying to recover. I won't go into details, but there's a lot on the various other boards about it.

This shaving community is indeed a great community with folks stepping up to help where they can. IMO, it's traditional Americanna in it's best form.
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