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Bay Rum for Warm Seasons

Not sure why bay rum is considered a “cold weather” scent. The first (recognized) commercial version was developed in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. From what I’ve heard it’s popular in barbershops that cater to Cuban expats in Miami. The West Indies, Cuba and Miami aren’t exactly known for their cold weather.

I only have two soaps that can fall in this category. RazoRock Black Bay and Stirling’s bay rum. The scent of the Black Bay is straight West Indian bay. The Stirling Bay Rum is a more traditional bay rum. Both are great scents but I like the Stirling Bay Rum more
I agree with the OP. CO9T is an excellent spicy rum, but way too strong for summer use. (Great for winter, though)!

A good summer Bay Rum is Superior 70. Straight, simple, and subtle - good choice for summer.
Some of the bay rums sold by the barbershop supply stores are not too strong for warm weather. I'm thinking of brands like Gabel's and Stephan, for example. You could add some menthol crystals if desired. I sometimes mix a bit of Pinaud Citrus Musk with a bay rum aftershave. It's refreshing.
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This one I can’t wait for…

I have the splash but the soap is coming out, really my favorite base and all natural bay rum.

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