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Are We At The Corner Of Wwiii ?

inkling said:
Clarity is important

Inkling since clarity is so important to you let me get this clear, according to you:

“I really hate Christians”
“I bashed ALL & I mock them”
“I’m also a hypocrite” (Probably but I don't know how in this context?)
“And I denigrate an entire religion and all its adherents” – I suspect you mean the Christian religion again.
And I think you are implying I’m “ill-informed and anti-intellectual”



PS Mr King was a preacher and not an elected politician, so he didn’t directly have a hand in making laws. Jimmy Carter on the other hand was an elected politician and when President his responsibility was to a secular United States. I can't remember for sure how well he did at that.
As for Blair I wish he had instead listened to his Military Chiefs, the British Public and his Intelligence Services.:wink:
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