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Newbie here! Hello and some questions

Hi I've only just started DE shaving at the ripe old age of 50 and bought the Mehule R89 instead of the EJ DE89 for the brass connection. However I saw a Geofatboy YouTube video where he suggests using a M5 nylon washer to help prevent the corrosion issue. I purchased some on fleabay as they cheap as chips but I'm using the razor before they have arrived. I just clean and dry the razor and blade in-between shaves.
Welcome aboard!

Some great answers above! Treated properly a Zamak razor can last decades. If it corrodes you can always purchase a replacement or replacement parts.

For me the chief advantage of ‘quality’ SS or brass razors is that I appreciate the weight and workmanship. But that’s me!!

Ron R

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Welcome to B&B, have some great shaves!
If you wait long enough the will be making a stainless steel variant sometime down the road no doubt. Nothing wrong with Zamak razors and I have a few myself and get awesome shaves and that is what counts.
Welcome to B&B Sam! My first razor was a EJ89 as well. It was a great starter razor. I’ve tried some vintage ones, modern SS etc…and one of my favorite ones is the R41 zamak head.
So, overthink it and have fun! 😜
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