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Are We At The Corner Of Wwiii ?

With what is going on right now over in the middle east and now other countries are once again alerted to these flying terrorists with liquid bomb material. Are we at the verge of a huge war ? Not saying the one we are in now isn't big. But are these other countries possible players in another conflict ?

mark tssb
Mark, I hate religiously fanatics, they want to change the world with their bombs and assassinations, that is what I can't accept and my reaction is adequate :a33: :a6:

No grace for people, which kill civilians, especially wives and children...

But this is my opinion...

That would make the Iranians happier than anything else.

Anyone who thinks Iran isn't directly involved in Lebabnon is delusional.

And on a side note:

I love watching the folks complain about Israel bombing innocent cilivilians in Lebabnon when Hezbollah purposefully plants themselves amoungst the general population.

Hezbollah indiscriminately fires into Israel with the sole purpose of maximizing civilian casualties and celebrates when they are successful.:mad3:

I also love the term 'disproportionate' force... what a bunch of BS.

Terrorists use political correctness and democratic systems to attack western culutres and smokescreen their actions.
If WWIII is what Osama Bin Laden & al-Qaeda wanted, then their timing was spot-on.

A rapidly growing far-east economy has created some uncertainty and doubt in western economies. There is a greater demand for oil.

An increasingly fundamentalist Christian U.S. elects a born again Christian President who inarticulately talks about "a war against Islamic fascists". In Britain we have an inexperienced Prime Minister who consults with God whether or not to send the troops in. Together these idiots have stirred up a hornet’s nest by invading Iraq.

In the middle-east Israel shows little regard for life that isn't Israeli. A weak Lebanese government is unable to control a rabidly anti-Semitic Hezbollah; whom in turn are backed by powerful countries in the region to fight a battle by proxy. The region as a whole uses the Jews as an excuse for all their ills.

We live in dangerous times.

My short answer is that no, I do not believe that WWIII is around the corner. Ask me again tomorrow and I may give you a different answer.

There are several conflicts building in the region and every world power has a vested interest in the outcome of one or all of them. Ultimately if WWIII breaks out it will be over the oil. No, we won't invade to get anybody's oil (again?). I envision something along the lines of:
1) Israel expands the ground war into Lebanon
2) Palestine steps up attacks on Israel since they are now looking in the other direction.
3) Iran moves from condemning to threatening Israel.

From here any number of things can provide the catalyst. I don't think anybody really cared about Arch Duke Ferdinand but look what happened there. The world powers will begin posturing but the end result will be China and Russia v England and the U.S. How the European contries wigh in may decide who wins the war but there won't be anything they can do to stop it. A shot fired by either Iran or Israel on the other will be enough.

There are other variations on this theme that could lead to the same result but my point is that yes, something outside our control could set in motion events that could ultimately culminate in a global conflict. I don't consider this to be a likelihood at this point but the mere fact that there is a real possibility is frightening. Let's hope world leaders feel the same way.
I don't know if we are bound for WWIII (Although at this point little would surprise me, and honestly, we've been having world wars for centuries...it is just fashionable to call them that in more recent history)
It is interesting to me, however, that some in Pakistan have suggested that since Iran [allegedly] does not have nuclear weapons, that it is their (meaning Pakistan's) duty as the world's preeminent Islamic nuclear power, to intervene on the behalf of Lebanon, and [presumably] Hezbollah, using nuclear weapons if they feel it is needed...don't remember where I read it, but it got my attention.
Scary times indeed.
John P.
As for Pakistan being an ally of the United States, for now, you are correct. That does not mean Pakistan always supports the U.S. or indeed, everything in her interests. The suggestion wasn't made that Pakistan had considered using their weapons on the United States. Rather, Israel was the proposed target. Why would they attack the United States on behalf of Lebanon???? America is not doing anything to the Lebanese. On the other hand, Pakistan has NEVER been an ally of Israel, to my knowledge....
John P>
Scotto said:
Mark, stop trying to run the post count up in your forum.:tongue:

Good observation Scotto, I count 6 threads started by Mark since yesterday. The Bikini one is the only one I really give him credit for. The rest of them are on the front page of every newspaper. Marks a posting whore. :001_tt2:
yasuo200365 said:
An increasingly fundamentalist Christian U.S. elects a born again Christian President who inarticulately talks about "a war against Islamic fascists". In Britain we have an inexperienced Prime Minister who consults with God whether or not to send the troops in. Together these idiots have stirred up a hornet’s nest by invading Iraq.

Wow, you really hate Christians, huh?
inkling said:
Wow, you really hate Christians, huh?

Wow, that is rather defensive! ...., I try my best not to hate anyone.

But like your countrys founding fathers I believe in a inclusive secular state. So you could say I dislike politicians who wear their religion on their sleeve and mix it with their politics.

I recently listened to a podcast of a talk given by Derek Araujo on the 15th July ( http://www.pointofinquiry.org/ ) where he gave some examples of how religious factions in the U.S. have gained power and over stepped the mark.

If you wish you can download the podcast from the Point of Inquiry website or try this link (it might work), the intro to Araujo's talk is about 10 minutes into the cast: http://libsyn.com/media/pointofinquiry/7-28-06.mp3


PS If you easily take offense please dont listen to the podcast, also it doesn't "word for word" represent my views, although I will stand-by the general themes.


yasuo200365 said:
Together these idiots have stirred up a hornet’s nest by invading Iraq.

We live in dangerous times.


You hit the nail on the head with that one.

Our “President” tries to make us believe that they hate our freedoms. They can't stand our iPods. :smile: No, they hate our policies in the Middle East put forth by this administration where oil, big business and they're Neo-Con agenda comes first. We're also supposed to believe we're safer now. Yeah, right. Oh, I know, there hasn't been an attack since 9/11. Yeah, and there wasn't one since Pearl Harbor. Thank God for Dubya and the Neo-Cons for that too.

The timing of this latest terror plot is such a crazy coincedence. Primary Elections take place. Lieberman gets defeated. Almost all the news is about Democrats and what they are doing and what's going to happen in November. An independent poll comes out showing 60% of Americans oppose the Iraq war. BOOM! Terror Plot, alert elevated to high, put everyone in the fear state again.

I don't believe you hate Christians. These guys aren't Christians in any sense of the word. It drives me crazy that this administration and some in the Republican party try to use religion to push their political agenda and people actually believe it. Look at their actions, to see how Christian they are. Dubya's bracelet reads a little different than most. WWJB, Who Would Jesus Bomb?
John, the only thing is if you listen to US political historians, yes the US may have been founded with the ideal of an inclusive secular state however politics and religion have always, despite that de jure seperation of religion and politics, been intricately tied together for better or worse. The current political situation is no different than it has ever been, aside from it may be slightly more overt. It also bears bringing up that, while I do not agree with the current administration, the general populous (religious and otherwise) is in a more conservative mindset on certain issues that the more liberal side of Us politics has done a good job of going to the far extreme. While the "religious right" of the US is currently more vocal than it has been in the past it is extremely unfair of people to imply they have hijacked the US political system, there are plenty of people outside the "religious right" who have equally contributed to the current political makeup of the DC circles.
yasuo200365 said:
Wow, that is rather defensive! ...., I try my best not to hate anyone.

I'm a firm believer that people are offended only if they choose to be. Since I took no offense, no defensiveness intended.

I just found it amusing that you bashed all "fundamentalists" and "born-again Christians," followed by a mockery of anyone who "consults with God." In the middle of this attack, you hypocritically complain of the President calling fascists who hide behind the religion of Islam, "Islamic fascists." Out of Blair, you and Bush, you were the only one to denigrate an entire religion and all its adherents.

How can you be so offended at attacks on one religion while you reflexively attack another? Also, I'm curious if you include self-proclaimed born-again Christians like Jimmy Carter and MLK in your ridicule. Does the stripe of their religion-fueled politics trigger a double standard in your mind?

Clarity is important in debate, and passionate generalizations about any particular gender, race or religion are ill-informed and anti-intellectual.
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