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Reviewing The OneTigris Stella 2 man 4 Season Tent. A Potential Gamechanger

A very interesting range of new 4 season tents were introduced by OneTigris in Spring 2023. One that particularly caught our eye was the Stella 2 person.

We ordered one in early July, and we had it shipped in good time for our August camp. Some may consider a 4 season a little excessive for an August camp. But not for the August we had in the UK, and not for the conditions we encountered on our 7 night camp.

Structurally it is a dome tent, doubled walled, with a HH rating of 3,000mm. It has an outer fly of 20D sil nylon, with a solid breathable inner of 20D nylon. It has a 40D sil nylon floor with an aggressive (high) bathtub. there is a single spider pole and a short bracing cross pole both of 7001 aluminium alloy. It has very generous sized double doors with decent vestible space. The tent is highly breathable, with neglible condensation encountered. (Oddly on the last night) This was confined to the outer door inner surfaces (i.e the fly.) No condensation issues were encountered in the sleeping cabin. There are 2 ventilation hatches above each door.

Dimensions are L 6' 8" (232cm) W 4' 1" (124.4cm) H 3' 7" (109.22cm) which is superbly roomy for 1 person with gear. We measured the dimensions on it's test pitch and found them to be accurate. If anything it was a touch wider than the factory figure. Most critically for this review the trail weight all-in comes in at an amazing 4 pounds 4 ounces (2kg). It also comes with 4 guy lines of 8' 2" (250cm) length. Also included are 10 aluminium stakes of good length and high quality. We would recommend adding 2 extra stakes to the tent for the most optimum taut pitch, depending on conditions. It comes fully factory sealed with YKK zippers.

It's a striking looking tent, of a black outer with a white inner. It's suprisingly imposing looking. It's shade of black makes it remarkably stealthy, especially in low light morning/evening conditions.

It's very fast to pitch. you just lay out the inner, assemble the single spider pole and attach poles to inner corner grommets, and clip the inner to the pole with the sturdy and neatly designed clips which are attached to the inner. A smaller cross pole is then inserted into small reinforced pockets over the door, which provides remarkable solidity. Line up the fly doors and throw over. Attach outer fly velcro grips to the short cross pole, and clip outer fly to the 4 corner tensioners. These provide excellent immediate and positive tensioning for the set up and post set up adjustments. Guy out the outer, and you are set.

Internally the tent is huge. On this trip Mrs Ladd was testing out the Stella while I used one of of our old faithful Naturehike CloudUp 2's. Here is a view of the inner with sleeping system deployed

You can see the unused available floor space. To the left, out of camera shot is Mrs Ladd's the new British army mk3 100 litre Bergen (we carry one each). It's a big but magnificently designed new system with unisex ergonomics. The tent swallows it up. However 2 people with the bergens would be too much of a squeeze. So this is a 'palace for 1' 4 season tent.

The Bergen is just visible here.

Weather conditions were garbage for august. Temps in the 60's (F) and 45-48 at night. We had sustained winds with gusts of up to 50 mph and rain. Lots of rain. Maybe 3-4" over the week. It seemed more. Much more.

Mrs Ladd sleeps very cold. She uses a 700 FP down Alpkit bag with a comfort rating of -8C in summer! So this tent is ideal for her. She was reporting a 10-12C difference in the in-tent temp based on our thermometer and the outside temp. I will be picking one up too based on my observations of the Stella. However this was an unusually cold camp with some rough weather for summer. This is not recommended for hot weather camps!

Its highly tough, build quality is top notch, and materials and design seem to be of the highest quality. It shrugged off high winds and consistent heavy rain like it wasn't happening. A very rugged and sturdy design, which gives a nice sense of security, important in a 4 season tent. We would take it out at any time in the 3rd and 4th season in the UK. I'm pretty confident it could deal with significant snow loading also.

To sum up, a highly adaptable, well built and constructed 4 season tent, with a very realisitic backpacking weight and a stunning price point. This, with the weight, is the gamechanging aspect of the model.

We picked ours up for £140. On Ali Express now.

An impressive tent which we shall be testing further into autumn and winter.
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Blade Biter
I'm curious, how do you find those air inflatable mattresses? Are they viable for long term use?

I haven't camped in many years, last time we carried around a yoga mat, those are not comfortable for 2 nights in a row.
I'm curious, how do you find those air inflatable mattresses? Are they viable for long term use?

I haven't camped in many years, last time we carried around a yoga mat, those are not comfortable for 2 nights in a row.
We use the Multimat Adventure Air, excellent trad style inflatable with a weight of only 430gms. With the Multimat reflective foam roll mat they give a R value of about 6 (Guesstimate based on Mrs Ladd's tolerance)

All the Multimat adventure and trekker ranges are Mil - Spec standard as farv as I know. They supply the British and several other armed forces worldwide. Tough as good boots. Not known as a brand in the US but many of their products rival Thermarest in performance, at a fraction of the price.

Multimat seem to have discontinued them, but we managed to source 2 spares. Mine has a slow leak but I got a highly detailed troubleshoot email from Multimat on how to fix it. They implied if we can't sort to send it back to them for a permanent fix.

This slow leak and my clumsy repair with the supplied fix kit has kept the mat going 2 years now. A re-inflation before you crash will see you through to the morning. You are ok for about 8 hours plus. It's fixable. Highly recommend. Comfy as all hell too. We have used ours extensively for 4 years nearly.

Multimat Adventure Air Bed Mat Inflatable Camping Single Mattress Black - https://www.chelstondirect.com/multimat-adventure-air-bed-mat-inflatable-camping-single-mattress-black.html

Also available on uk Bay. They are NOS though, and price is increasing and they sell fast.

In addition we use the Multimat thermal foam Trekker which has an excellent R value. Still in production. Widely available on Am and the bay.

Multimat Trekker Thermal 10XL Military Foam Sleep Mat - https://www.johnbullclothing.com/products/multimat-trekker-thermal-10xl-military-foam-sleep-mat

With a good sleeping bag this makes a fairly lightweight and efficient sleep system. We use the 1 kilo Alpkit down bag with a comfort temp of -9c and extreme of -14c.

We consider the tent to be part of the sleep system, so with these new Stellas and our Vango F10 Erebus+3 tunnel 4 season, designed in Scotland for their winter mountain conditions, we can handle 4 seasons here pretty well.
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Check Out Chick
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Thanks for the review, I really enjoyed reading it. I have not done any camping for a long time. When my stepson was going to have a camping “bucks night” before he got married I bought a cheap “instant up“ tent from Aldi on clearance. Then the Pandemic hit and the camping was cancelled. Tent is still in the box under the bed in the spare room.
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