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Anyone tried Pecksniffs creams?

I was in my local TK Maxx today and they have a load of Pecksniffs shaving cream in Leather, Citrus and Oriental flavours.

Apparently they retail at £35(!) for 100ml but they were on sale for £8.99.

Has anyone used these? What are they like?

I may just buy some tomorrow.


Hello John. Take a close look at those creams. Are they packaged in tubes or plastic jars? I bought the "shave cream" in a plastic jar and it is hard as any soap. Because that is what it is. Mine is the fougere scent. I like it but hardly use it. This actually makes me want to use it tomorrow. It is detergent based but lathers nicely, leaves a great after the shave feel to the skin, and the scent is good but not outstanding. At 9 quid or so, it is most assuredly worth it. Now, if this is a soft cream in tubes, then I cannot speak to its efficacy. Best of luck but so far, my experience with Pecksniff's has been good. I am really interested in the leather scent.

Regards, Todd

Sorry. I just checked my jar and it is 200ml. So it is certainly different to what you are looking at.
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I picked up a couple of these at my local TK Maxx - although they were only £6.99.

I like them, they're kind of a mix between soap and cream. I tend to leave some hot water soaking on top whilst I shower, then lather up after dumping the extra.

It's not as good as the Kent/MWF soaps that can be had on ebay for the same price. But that said they're still a reasonable soap and I love the scents :)

Mine is a screw top tub in a nice gift box...
Hmmm..... maybe I'll give those a miss, thanks guys.

I've been on the Pecksniffs site and this variety is not listed, I can only assume they are a discontinued line.

Sounds like Todd has the new ones!
I'd forgotten I'd even posted that on the 'other' area....

Still, at least I didn't undermine my previous comment! Scent = nice :biggrin:

Must be losing it....... :blink:
I got some today in Craigavon TK Maxx, £4.99, cant beat that, well worth a try. Also got a St James's Of London one, Cedarwood and Clarysage, a creme in a jar, smells divine £5.99
The ST James Cedarwood will blow the Pecksniffs out of the water - it's one of the best creams I've used. Well worth the £6 (although my local TK Maxx had them priced at £6 and £7 for exactly the same thing...)
I think I'd choose a different name for my company!! Something folks wouldn't poke fun at....like Lipschitz!
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