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Adjustable April - Shave 30

I'm closing out my Adjustable April 2023 account with an Apollo Mikron 1.

Beggers can't be choosers so I was extremely pleased to land this albeit with only a small piece of the original plastic handle left. I took a piece of black nylon and turned this one, trying to copying it as best as my machining skills would allow.

Like the rest of the Mikron familiy, the plating is questionable. It's a touch on the aggressive side so suits me great.

A Rubberset 400 with a Black Synthetic knot, Vintage Spice from Master Soap Creations and a Wizamet round up todays gear.

HUGE thanks to @JAHE for hosting this event again, it's been fun and hopefully we meet again next year - Same Place, Same Time!!!
I have 3 shaves to report.
One is a head/face with a Gillette Executive (7 and 8)
Blade is Feather (2)
Soap MDC
Brush was synthetic Isle of Man
AS Speick and AB Speick
Good close shaves no irritation.

Next: head shave was normal Gillette Fat Boy 7
Feather blade 3
MDC Argumes with a RR synthetic
and a Face shave w a Rex Slant 3 with some Gillette Platinum?
All 3 passes, the shave with the Rex at 3, was not as close as I like, hence the head in the background will be used for the next slant shave.......

AS AB were from Proraso Red.

This night I may still try a shave with a Schick adjustable

Cheers and a good and interesting month......soon back to the fixed gap razors......


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Well then... all good things come to an end, as they say. I may take the opportunity to thank all you of you for your marvellous contributions to AA 2023 - it's been great fun for me to accompany your shave experience!

Yeah, as @Clouds suggested, we will have another round of Adjustable April in 2024, shall we?

Adjustable April, Day 30

So here's my final SOTD. Just another stellar shave with the ⚓, settings II.5 and I. Almost a BBS result.

I hope to meet you all in good health again next spring - and in the meantime on the other forums!

Take care, Gentlemen!

Cheers 🍻
Vintage Adjustable April '23 on King C Gillette Weekend

Cream: Barbasol 1919
Face/Neck/Head - 1905 Double Ring w/ Personna Lab
Alum: Omega stick
Face/Neck - DIY Snake Bite
Head/Neck - Nivea Sensitive


Super Smooth Sunday Shave. Nicely timed Gillette Weekend to finish off Vintage April. I started this month with my oldest at the time a 1908 single ring. Now I get to finish it with an even older 1905 double ring.

Face 1/4 turn back, neck snugged down, nose/chin 1/8 turn back. Head 1/8 turn back.

Super efficient, supper smooth skin and with the right touch non-irritating. Let's see if anything can match in Modern May.
Adjustable April ‘23, Shave #15

Merkur Progress/Gillette Platinum/Graydog 26mm Badger Chechen/Grooming Dept Incense&Rose soap/Nivea Deep Vanilla & Bourbon after shave Lotion/John Varvatos Vintage eau de toilette

Decided to sneak in one more shave for Adjustable April. Went with the Progress for this Sunday morning and it delivered without issues. Excellent smoothness with efficiency blended into every incremental movement of the adjustment dial. This particular one has seen some usage as the red painted #’s & markings are virtually gone minus a spot or two but, it still shaves brilliantly and one could keep this as their forever shaver and not have a want or a need for another.

Great shaves to all….

Adjustable April - Shave 28

A Gillette Chrome Toggle is my choice today.
No, I'm not saying anything more on it, except BIG thanks to @Dyllern for the opportunity to acquire this baby!!

As usual the blade is a Wizzy, the soap Lea and the brush is a Rubberset with a Badger/Boar mixed knot.

Think the Gillette Togle is super rear, I have seen Gold Colored Salesman Sample that is about 20 times actual size.

Old Hippie

Somewhere between 61 and dead
Well then... all good things come to an end, as they say. I may take the opportunity to thank all you of you for your marvellous contributions to AA 2023 - it's been great fun for me to accompany your shave experience!

Well, it was pretty simple for me because I only have one adjustable razor. :)

Thank you for your work! That was fun.

Yaqi TFCs
Rapira Swedish Supersteel

Posting last 2 shaves, thanks @JAHE for organizing. Someone asked about these so did the brass TFC yesterday fresh blade on 2 then dropped to 1. Weird since I usually run near the top of the range but it felt mild but super efficient and lasted over 12+ hours.
Same routine today with the chrome TFC, 2 then dropped to 1. Better glide with the polished chrome but slightly more blade feel. Great shave just a tad behind the brass but not by very much.

Last shave of the month; face shave, a mixed performance post
Razor Schick Adjustable
Blade Persona had max 2 uses, rinsed, dried and stored in a dry place for 2 yrs:eek2:. I stropped the one side on my forearm 40 times (never had I done this), the blade looked OK .
Trader Joes shave cream
Man, that first pass at #6 was one of the worst......pulling and left 50% of the hair.....highly unpleasant; I probably should have replaced the blade.
BUT it was easier to put a Feather on 4th use in a Merkur 510 setting 3.5. Now this was night and day.....so smooth I could barely fell it. Two more passes, got a small weeper each cheek (this happens to me w Feathers on 3rd or 4th use and it's a sign to toss them).
Aftershave: Nivea 2 Phase.
I highly recommend this mix: Feather on the 510.....shave saver.
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