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Acquisitions June 8 - 14

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Show us the goods for the week!
I scored a K-2 fatboy, Slim adj (not sure of date code yet) and a Fat handle Tech. Ill get some pics this week after i get them cleaned up. They are all in good condition (slight signs of wear but no brassing or plate loss) not show pieces by any means, but should be great shavers nonetheless.
Starting out slow with a bottle of Williams Ice Blue AS - the closest thing to Aqua Velva to be found here in Denmark.


I recently acquired quite a few new razors:

Vintage Hoffritz Slant
Gold Gillette Sheraton
Gillette Ranger Tech
Gold Gillette New Improved (Bostonian?)
Gem Micromatic
Gem Junior
Gem G Bar

I wish I could post pictures, but my internet isn't co-operating right now. The Sheraton and the New Improved need cleaning, so I'll have pre/post pictures up sometime soon.:thumbup:
My grandpa gave me a straight razor, i have no intentions on using it just kind of a cool piece to add to my collection.

From what ive dug up so far is that it was made somewhere between 1893-1921 by Griffon Cutlery Works.

its not in the best shape but cool nonetheless. :)

shoebox shaving. nice price, good selection. i created my own sampler pack of blades plus ordered some old spice lime shaving cream! can't wait to try it.

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I hate to be the one to do this to you, but it's not a FatBoy. It's a Slim, which is just as good of a razor in my opinion. Now, I'm going to walk away slowly.....
Well, you're welcome. Thank YOU for not going insane with fury and somehow magically appearing before me seething with anger. I mean, it happens all the time...right?
Had to go out to a clients and was playing with Google maps.
"Accidently" put the word Antiques in the search and mysteriously found a list of Antique Shops on the way to clients. :tongue_sm

Rather than drop into all of them I figured I'd give them a call.........

"Nope ", "Haven't got any", "Haven't seen any for years" were the standard replies until.....

"You mean something like a Gillette Adjustable ????? "...Score maybe, who knows it could be a pile of junk. I know it's got a case though............. :biggrin1: Most of you should be able to guess what this razor might be before I got there............

Off we go, stop off ....hopes aren't high , get in there.....wooohooo: :biggrin1:

To me it looks like its basically never been used. Numbers are completely black and there's not a trace of muck on it. :thumbup:

Manage to haggle 33% off the price and it's mine.... all mine...... :biggrin1: Not as good a bargain as some of the razors I've found but still a good price for a Near Mint FB with case

Blackdog this is a Fatboy.

Main differences to look for ...case, size of the TTO Knob at the bottom ( shorter and stouter ) , vertical pattern on 1-9 adjuster . But don't worry slims are still a good razor.

( Sorry Bushranger :001_tt2:).
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Love those antique store surprises. For me they are too few and far between. Nice cased Fat Boy!:smile:
Hey Chris, can I return the one I recently purchase from you off B/S/T for a full refund..... ???

Only joking :biggrin1:

I reckon one of them will end up on B/S/T....just not sure which...:biggrin1:

p.s. those photos are as I got it, no clean up ...yet....!
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