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A Manifesto: The Search for the Perfect Mild Razor

I just stumbled across these enjoyable and interesting postings. I too prefer less aggressive razors finding the AS-D2 a fine razor. Also PILS is an excellent, though weighty, mild razor. My favorite mild razor though is the Weber DLC, my "go to" daily razor. Though saying that I am also very happy with the OneBlade razor, probably a sacrilege to many in this forum but this single edge is almost as mild and forgiving as the Weber. All 4 of these razors give me excellent shaves with virtually no irritation or inflammation. I generally use Feather blades in all, I know what I'm getting with their blades.
I'm an Ahmad Jamal fan, and afaik only one of his LPs, The Awakening, sells for (somewhat) big $$$. For the others, who are even bigger names, you're right, only certain pressings cost a lot. You can buy a lot of great jazz vinyl for the price of only one of the razors listed in the OP of this thread. Except for Miles, I suppose.
I have the Awakening. Got it for the very fair price of $25 for a VG copy of the OG release. I have been giving MD a wide berth in general because prices tend to be high AND I personally prefer other Jazz Trumpeters. Lee Morgan, Dizzy and Freddie Hubbard come to mind. Maybe Blue Mitchell. When I listen to modern Trumpet, Wynton Marsalis gets my nod.
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