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Why Aren't All Razors Dual Combs?

I choose which type of razor I want to use before each shave (usually an open comb).
Once I start, I shave with both sides of the razor before stopping to rinse. If the razor were open comb/solid bar combination, I would need to stop and rinse twice as often.
Dual head, therefore, makes no sense to me.
To make up your mind, both must be tried. Wouldn't it be nicer to have both options in the same baseplate instead of having to purchase a second baseplate?

I rotate the the blade before a shave if I'm using the same side as my last shave. If I'm using the opposite side, I leave the blade as is.

I can only comment on the razors I've used in both OC and CC format, but I did notice a difference between the two. I've sold most of my Timeless baseplates except for the OC versions and one CC version.

See above comment. Even with the same .68 or .95 blade gap, I noticed a difference in the shave between the OC version and the CC version.

Yeah but wouldn't it be better if you only had to have one baseplate to have both an OC and CC razor?

I'm just in a bit of an argumentative and tongue-in cheek mood and mean no ill will towards Brutus. These are nothing more than opinions after all and no one can actually be right. Cheers Brutus! 🍻

No offence taken🍻; if a dual comb razor is what your heart desires, by all means, don’t let me stop you, but there is nothing above that could justify changing my mind and go and get one… ✌️

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Dual comb severely disturbs my feng shui. Or is it my ocd? Either way, the idea of dual comb is to me as satisfying as a spork.
I can confirm with great certainty that if one's feng shui is distrubed so will one's OCD and vice versa: these are mutually tied at the hip. I can totally relate to "x" being "as satisfying as a spork." I've a titanium spork (the bowl/fork end has a high polish) that I eat with frequently. This tool sucks for eating a steak and I still do knowing it is a subpar utensil for the task mostly because I prep my meal to be eaten out of a bowl (my favorite dish.)

What can I say? I'm a tad quirky.
I’ve never tried a DC, but I have a feeling it’s not my thing.

I also don’t buy the idea that OC are more “aggressive” and suited for longer growth.

My piccolo is a lot gentler on my skin than my progress even at setting 1. Specially ATG.
I have the Yaqi Vostok Duo 1.05 and its is one awesome razor. I use the Open comb side for the first pass and the CC for a clean up. Two pass BBS always and I totally enjoy each and every shave with it. This is one Fantastic Razor Head.
In my case, I ride the bar steep and don’t enjoy the feeling of the teeth. I took the solution another way and bought a large gap SB. This does well clearing out extra hairs such as OC but I can easily use it on 24 hours if needed with a smooth bar.
Well, gotta change this up. I managed to find a Seygus Zeppelin. The "OC" consists of small grooves cut into the bar on one side. Blade movement is non-existent, so there is no unequal exposure issue. Overall, it would normally be too mild for me to use, but paired with a Kai, it is quite satisfying on the OC side. The SB, even with the Kai, is basically the same as a SuperSpeed (not a huge fan).

So, I have found a DC with which I can actually feel a difference.
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