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4 Month May-August Sabbatical (QUADSAB)

Good looking cup of coffee!
Well, i certainly can't take credit for the coffee! The only credit i can take is for choosing this background for the specific photo. :laugh:

Today's shave, featuring once more, my worst badger. Once more, i had to comb it just like horses at the end of the shave and i am sure sooner or later it will develop a hole there, because at each combing it loses a couple of hair. Oh, well, although i am somewhat fond of its simplicity, it only means that i will have eventually room for another 21mm brush in the rotation! :laugh:

I think this elephant might actually be after the brush! He can have it! Poor elephant, he isn't aware how cheap it is! :lol1:


The lather also doesn't seem aware of how cheap and bad badger the brush is! It looks the same as with my more expensive brushes! By reading this forum, it almost seems impossible! :lol1:

Just to check in. I'm still in. I took the money I saved on soaps and instead used it to register for a half marathon in November. I was doing 10k runs before COVID caused organized runs to cancel all last year, so I figure for the price of two artisan soap/splash sets I'd give myself a deadline to up my running game.


Still in. It’s been a crazy this week, and the past few weeks, so I’ve only been shaving a couple times a week. Awesome have today.
Razor: Karve SS OC-A (pass one) SB-B (pass 2&3)
Blade: PolSilver (1)
Brush: RR400MB
Bowl: Timeless
Soap & A/S: CC Venture
Have a great day y’all! 3CABF3BF-E6F8-4A57-B401-719373FB8A96.jpeg
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Still in. It’s been a crazy this week, and the past few weeks, so I’ve only been shaving a couple times a week. Awesome have today.
Razor: Karve SS OC-A (pass one) SB-B (pass 2&3)
Blade: PolSilver (1)
Brush: RR400MB
Bowl: Timeless
Soap & A/S: CC Venture
Have a great day y’all! View attachment 1279889
If Captain's products were available in Europe at similar prices, i would certainly buy some just for the nice colors and artwork that they have on their packages.
Gentlemen, in the last period i have reduced my forum activity and well, also comments in this thread, because with the covid danger reduced, i have less time, plus i was recently involved into a community project (completely unrelated) and got an invitation to another community too. So, at this point, i don't know myself whether i will have time or will to organize myself the September Quadsab. Maybe i will just take a Sabbatical from the forum altogether, because i won't be able to juggle different things at the same time. After all, the best Sabbatical is not to be in forum at all. Tried and tested.

Organizing the Quadsab, brings you a sense of responsibility... So, this one, i will carry on to the end (despite i will be on vacation i will resist). But, since i don't want to leave loose ends, since i already merged all amendments and i have it ready, for archival and practical purposes, i also leave you the "new and complete ruleset"! If i don't say until August 25 that i will prepare the new Quadsab, you can assume i won't. And at this point, you can feel free to organize it any of you or anyone else not yet in Quadsab. Or, just don't do anything if you are not interested... If you do wish to make a Quadsab though, all you will have to do is change the dates and arrange for the starting date of September 2021. I was intending to put September 5 as starting date, to give time to people who return from vacations. You can change as you wish, of course. I leave it all here now, because it's freshly prepared and there is no risk to forget about it. Because if i leave things for late August, with vacations and all, i might even forget all about telling you and even delete the document by accident.

So, all you will have to do is modify start-end dates and copy-paste the following:

The year is divided in quadrimesters/quadmesters/4 month periods:
- QUADSAB 1: January-April
- QUADSAB 2: May-August.
- QUADSAB 3: September-December.

Restock windows for members who complete a QUADSAB and want to enter the next one: The first 14 days of each QUADSAB. Which means:
- January 1-14
- May 1-14
- September 1-14

1. Sabbatical starts at 12:00:00am (local time) on May 3rd, 2021.
2. Sabbatical ends at 11:59:59pm (local time) on August 31, 2021.
3. Start and end time are based on your local time zone.
4. Sabbatical is restricted to shaving items only, but if you want to you can try not purchasing whatever other AD's you may have (NIB, Brown Leaf, etc.)
5. No purchases are allowed during the Sabbatical period (aside for the Exceptions listed below). NONE. No purchases even if you get a gift card to WCS, eBay, Amazon, etc. This also means that you should have enough stuff to see out about 4 months of shaving.
6. Gifts. You cannot ask for, solicit, hint at, etc., gifts in any way. PIFs. You may OFFER PIFs (including associated shipping costs), but the PIF excludes those B&B members who are part of the annual sabbatical. You
may not enter or request a PIF.
7. If a shaving item breaks during the Sabbatical and you have no backup available, one replacement may be purchased.
8. Functional maintenance, such as straight razor honing, does not count as a purchased good and is thus allowed.
9. Check-in at least once in the last 10 days of each quadrimester to declare you are still in. If you fail earlier, please report in.

There are five exceptions to the purchasing of items :
1. B&B Group Buys or B&B Branded Items, because some are limited edition and all are good deals. They must be advertised on behalf of B&B to qualify. Official annual exchanges along the line of "Mr. Bingle" is also exempt.
2. One named item of your choice. This is your personal exception. You must name the item before the start of the Sabbatical. The item can be specific or generic (ex. a razor, a brush etc), at the member's discretion. Yearly Sabbatical members who wish to join, automatically carry on the same choice they made for the yearly Sabbatical, unless they have already used their exception before joining QUADSAB. In this case they may choose a new exception.
3. Sue Moore Auction Items. This is a great cause and we should all try to participate in it if possible.
4. For anyone participating in the previous Quadrimester Sabbatical, a restock window of 14 days at the beginning of the next Quadrimester is allocated for making any and all shaving-related purchases as long as you've successfully completed the previous Quadrimester Sabbatical.
5. Items you purchase as gifts for others are allowed. You are not allowed to buy solicited gifts for other members of the Sabbatical.

Resolution of dilemmas/disputes concerning rules interpretation:

The spirit of the Sabbatical is to help its members to avoid purchases and build up stamina. As such, it exists to serve its own members and ultimately, each member should hold himself accountable and use his own judgement about the compliance with the rules. In case of doubt on rule interpretation, a member should be able to decide on his own, according to consciousness, since his decision, ultimately affects mainly himself.
However, if a member is undecided or has an ethical dilemma they can't or don't wish to resolve on their own, they can ask for a vote amongst the members of the sabbatical. The active participants will have voting right and a 2 days window will be provided in order to vote. A vote can also be asked by any other member that deems disturbing or blatant violation of the rules, the behavior of another member.

Participants should copy the previous names on the list, adding their own at the bottom, declaring also an exception, if they have one.
I'm still in.

Declaration Grooming's 88 Chestnut is a very nice summer scent. Basically a Acqua Di Parma clone.

Also, the Karve brass is developing a very nice patina. May be hard to tell in this photo but it's a shade or two darker than when I first bought it.

Still in ...

George Wostenholm & Sons
XPEC Original
Maggard's Black and White
Pinaud Clubman
View attachment 1280810

And a bonus ... Looks like about one more shave before I 3017 the XPEC.
View attachment 1280811
I like the brush handle. Probably exclusive for Maggards by Yaqi. Good for facelathering. Congratulations. I hope i will be able to make some substantial progress with the Lea puck too. So far it isn't showing many signs of being reduced. Time for the boar to take a bite on it! :lol1:



And as another GEMonday appears above the horizon...
GEM Damaskeen / GEM Personna SS PTFE
Arko Stick (the last nubbin pressed into a bowl)
Rudy Vey 2020 B&B Contributors' Brush

So I've already killed the MdC I had scooped into a bowl. I'm about to finish off the XPEC. And now the Arko Stick is on its last legs. That's at least three soaps getting 3017ed during this QUADSAB.
Still in, no photos, unfortunately, been busy. Excellent shave today with the boar-horse knot, but it got a very bad tangle in the knot afterwise, that even with shampoo i had to break some hair to detangle. Oh well, i won't shed a tear if it develops center hole and throw it away.
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