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4 Month May-August Sabbatical (QUADSAB)

Still in, no photo, i am in a frenzy and juggling between bureaucratic certificates in order to go on vacation. Sagrada Familia and Arko Max Comfort will be the shaving gear.

Happy shaves, gentlemen!
Still in! Vector with Schick Pro-line blade and WSP Fresh Vetiver all this week and probably next as well.

If anything, this QUADSAB is making me rethink my approaches to soap/aftershave splashes. I'm starting to see a path wherein I focus on the AS scents and just use a light scented soap like Mitchell's Wool Fat or something - no more "matching pairs." I say that because while nice soap scents are welcome, they don't last so kinda what's the point? The splash may last longer and, in many cases, actually smell a little better than the soap itself.
Burundian Hawk still in and still on vacation! Not much left, gentlemen! We are almost there!

However, i will NOT be organizing the next Quadsab. So, if anyone else wants to, please do. I have left all rules for the opening post in page 12, i think.
Still in and last day to go! I think this has really helped me keep the RAD at bay - no soaps, no blades, no nothing. And I'm actually not considering making a big purchase - or much of any purchase to be honest - once this wraps up tomorrow. Mission accomplished, I guess. I finished one soap earlier and am about a week or two out from finishing a second. I've actually been quite content with just using my Blacklands Vector most of the time. I was thinking of selling off a DE Razor just given that I've become more of a SE man. But now that my acquisition disorder is in check, I'm feeling much calmer about this hobby than I had been previously. Hope everyone else feels the same.
Only a few hours to go for my local time. Still in and no chance to fail left. Besides, tomorrow i will be travelling back to home. So, for me, mission accomplished. To be honest, between the Quadsab and the reduced presence in the forum, right now i have no urge to buy anything, pretty much like @Bjlefebvre said.

Oasis ahead, gentlemen!


Cortana Pool.jpg

For ease of use, i leave here the link of the updated rules, so that anyone who will want to repeat the journey, may find ready to use rules (or that can modify them to his taste). Who knows, maybe someone else, will one day revive the Quadsab.

I thank each and every one of the gentlemen that joined this first Quadsab. It was a pleasure and an honor. :ouch1:

To you, i leave the task of ending officially the sabbatical, according to your local time zones. :a17:
Last day!! Still in!
Razor: Gillette Mach3 Turbo vs RR GC.68-P
Blade: Gillette Mach3 Turbo vs Wizamet
Brush: Sagrada Familia
Bowl: Timeless
Soap: Arko
Post: NSCB
Two pass shave left me clean and ready for the workday. Shave was nearly identical on both sides as far as closeness goes. The GC/Wiz combo was vastly smoother though, with no post shave irritation, the same cannot be said for the Mach3.
Gents, it has been a pleasure going along this journey with you! Best of luck moving forward in however you choose to proceed! Take care y’all! 50EB8AB7-4B40-4178-90C2-12007A70BA32.jpeg
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