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Replica WWII Luftwaffe brush

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The brush came as part of this lot:


Today I tried out the razor and brush together. The soap was a puck og AOS unscented soap.

Review of the razor here: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=69707

My impressions:

I paid all in all D.Kr. 220 (approx. $ 40) for the full set, not bad at all

Wery low, even before use it shedded quite a few bristles. During use it shedded a few aswell, but not as many as I had feared. I wasn't quite sure what kind of bristles the brush is set with, but the smell of wet/dead dog when soaking it the first time suggests that it must be (low quality) badger. The handle is simple wood and the coat of laquer is uneven and rough

The knot is not at all dense

Stiffness of Tips
Quite stiff, whips up lather ok

Softness of Tips
Quite hard and scratchy

It's a small brush (dimensions of handle: hight; 52 mm. widht at base; 31,5 mm). The handle is ok, but the bristles should probably have been 20-30 mm. longer

Works up lather ok, better than expected

On it's own I would never have bought this brush. But as a part of the set I find it a fun addition to my collection - and by all means; it does what it is supposed to, the question is; for how long will it hold up?

On a side note, because this is supposed to be a historical replica; the historical accuracy of the brush/set is not wery high. It seems though that many diffrent brushes were issued to german soldiers during WWII - but it is hard to find any solid information on how they looked and from which materials they were produced.



Replica sets like these emerge on e-Bay from time to time. They are meant to be used by WWII re-enactors.
I bought one because I wanted to see what is was. The quality of the items are quite low - I gather they are made with the purpose of being props in a re-enactor's kit, not to be actually used. You can by all means shave with them, but it is no real pleasure.



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Where can you buy this stuff?
maybe the brush is made of human hair !!!. that's why it is so bad. i think is bad taste to have and buy such things, besides the point that germans killed americans in the world war two, very patriotic for your part.
I wish someone would make a reproduction of one of the British issue shaving brushes from WWII.

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