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Kent BK2 Pure Badger Brush

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Price - This brush was acquired directly from a supplier of TBBS after I returned another model for poor latherability. What I got in return was this beauty at a decreased cost, but I believe it runs 70-80 dollars retail in North America.

Quality - It comes in a red felt-lined case and says "by appointment to her majesty the queen" on it :lol:. Pretty fancy for a Pure Badger. The ivory handle is great and it seems like a generally well crafted item.

- Much denser than my Tweezerman, which is not really saying much but the size of this thing is ridiculous! I didn't measure the knot but this thing is a beast and covers the face well.

Stiffness of Tips
- Definitely a floppy brush, but this does not hinder its ability to lather. It feels kind of light in the hand.

Softness of Tips - I feel nothing when it touches my face, and it bloomed the second it made contact with water. Broke in instantly!

- Fits well in the hand and can be held many different ways depending on what you want to do.

- Very good lather from this brush. It seems to keep the cream/soap condensed in the tips so it builds very quickly on the face.

All in all a great product and I hope to use it for a long time!

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Yeah i've used this baby too and loved it.
100% quality, not easy to source but worth the hunt!:wink2:
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Softness of Tips
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Stiffness of Tips
4.00 star(s)
Quality - It comes in a red felt-lined case and says "by appointment to her majesty the queen" on it.

When I read this, I got to thinking about a very fun show I watched on TV many years ago, the punchline in one of the jokes was "God shave the Queen". ROTFLMAO.

I'm sorry. I just could not help myself ;-)
Some of the kent brushs cost up to $250 U.S.

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