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This is a very mild aftershave splash. It has a great floral scent when you smell it out of the bottle. Upon application the odour is kind of unpleasant because it is so intense but it calms down shortly after and seems to moisturize the skin instead of drying it out. The scent lasts noticeably less than AV or Old Spice, but this is great as you don't have to worry as much about how much you apply.
Price - This brush was acquired directly from a supplier of TBBS after I returned another model for poor latherability. What I got in return was this beauty at a decreased cost, but I believe it runs 70-80 dollars retail in North America. Quality - It comes in a red felt-lined case and says "by appointment to her majesty the queen" on it :lol:. Pretty fancy for a Pure Badger. The ivory handle is great and it seems like a generally well crafted item. Density - Much denser than my...
This brush is available at most of the Shoppers Drug Marts in Toronto. It was the second boar brush after my Wilkinson, and works a whole lot better. Price - 14.99. This brush will last years and for the price it is a bargain. Quality - As far as I have seen, it retains a great amount of water and has shed no hairs as far as I can recall. The handle is a lot heavier than my Tweezerman and feels great in the hand. Density - The hairs are packed relatively close together...
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This stuff is going to the front of my rotation. It is a great cheap AS with a great scent. It has a slightly milder version of the classic scent of AV without the alcohol burn. If you overdo it, it soaks quickly but a perfect amount lingers. Leaves a nice matte finish as noted from the review at the shave den but you can tell it is moisturizing. I much prefer balms over lotions, so I am loving this stuff :001_tt1::001_tt1: By the way, it doesn't cool as well as the classic lotions, but I...
I purchased this at a Nutrition House out of the city. I was really happy at the way this stuff keeps my face moisturized. It leaves my face feeling really soft and hydrated. It also took down a ridiculous amount of redness & irritation I developed after some shave cream/new blade irritation. Smells like Pledge cleaner out of the bottle but leaves a great zesty scent on the skin. Little pricey at 13 dollars, but I'm a cheapskate. All in all, awesome product.
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This razor was and is my first DE razor. It gave me a nick-free, irritation-free first shave. It neatly slices the hairs of a well hydrated face and with proper angle it is very forgiving. The blade replacement is not the same as that on a HD since this is a 3-piece. The head is rather large compared to the body but it does not affect the balance a whole lot. You can usually find this razor for 30 dollars online, and is a great price for a tool that can last a lifetime.
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