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Ikea 365+ shaving bowl

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At Ikea I found the ‘IKEA 365+’ bowl, easliy one of the cheapest and best bowls around for bowl lathering. Below I have written a short review that covers all aspects of this great bowl.

Material: Feldspar porcelain. Unlike regular stoneware, the porcelain makes this cheap bowl just a bit more luxurious. More important is the fact that the porcelain retains the heat very well. Even after I had removed the bowl from the sink of hot water for five minutes, it still retained a little heat. The glazed porcelain provides a smooth ‘swirling action’.

Dimensions: 16 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height (6”d 3”h). The height makes sure that the lather doesn’t spill over. The diameter creates the space needed for swirling the brush around without hitting the ‘wall’. There is more than enough space for even the largest of brushes.

Weight: Because of the relatively large size of this bowl, it is also relatively heavy which is a good thing since this makes sure it won’t start floating around your sink so easily. Your sink needs to be filled with quite a lot of water in order to make the bowl float.

Color: The color of this bowl is beige. It provides enough contrast with the lather so you can easily see what you’re doing. I believe it is also available in black or white but I just happened to like the beige color better.

Price: €2,99 in The Netherlands. This bowl is so cheap that you can buy a few more as back up in case one slips out of your hands.

Misc.: Made in Turkey for Ikea and designed by Susan Pryke. This bowl is part of Ikea’s 365+ tableware series and also available in the USA.

(This review is not an endorsement for Ikea or any of their products.)

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good deal!
Well after a little searching there are two types of this bowl.

The first is just a normal single wall version costing £1.99

Article number:20113534

Size 12x9 cm

And the other is a double walled version costing a little more at £2.99

Article number : 20113529

Size 12x7cm

Shall be off the the Swedish store tonight i thinks :).

I´ve been so many times at Ikea, I never recognized the mug. Is it a real mug or only misused as a mug?:biggrin: The next time at Ikea I´ll take a look at it.:w00t:

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