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Pereira unbreakable shaving bowl

Item Description

Unbreakable composite shaving bowl with a brush rest

Latest reviews

Pros: It works!
Cons: Could use a non slip bottom
Does not retain heat
Lather machine...

It took me some time to decide to get one after some negative experience with plastic paa scuttle and van yulay bowls. And I have an excellent granit mortar.

But no regrets it easily quickly makes nice later
Soap sliver nicely sticks in the pattern to load and build lather
It cleans out easily too.
It is large enough to give space for my bigger brushes
And small enough to keep it in hand during building lather
Low weight is better as 3 pounds of granite mortar. So easily to stuff in your luggage

What is less
I have glass tops so it slides too easily
In winter I like warm lather this will not retain heat and floating in the sink is tricky and still does not give heat.

pereira makes a ceramic one but that one is more tapered. Same applies for their scuttle
Yaqi makes a ceramic copy.

Brush rest is usable.
Handle is appreciated while handholding.

I have the orange one and it is and looks like plastic and worse a bit like recycled plastic.

Bottom line I am happy and I recommend.
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