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Steve Woodhead Ceramics Suribachi Lather Bowl

Steve Woodhead Ceramics Suribachi Lather Bowl

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Steve Woodhead Ceramics Suribachi Lather Bowl

"Suribachi Shaving Lather Bowl #2 Teak"
I wanted something broader and deeper than the lid of my proraso soap, have been a face latherer.. only rarely been able to hit a "meringue-y" consistency that way..

Looked around and the Suribachi style (a Japanese Mortar Bowl, with closely packed concentric circular grooves on its internal surface) normally used for grinding nuts and spices, was reportedly well suited to generate good lather. That seemed common sense to me, so I took the plunge.

This Suribachi normally sells for GBP20, Steve listed it as clearance for GBP10, with some imperfections.. all I could see was a <1cm² smudge in an area of vertical groove.

If Steve calls this a "second" this was a total bargain!

The bowl is ~140mm top diameter, ~75mm height and base diameter.

Grips by the base solidly. And the lather is brilliant. Anything bigger is overkill. Just the right size.

Just arrived today 29/3.
As always UK post is great value and fast (under two weeks UK to Oz).

You will get your ceramics from Steve intact. He packs items in a bubble wrap football and voids in the cardboard transport box with air pillows.

It looks like it'd survive Orbital Re-entry!

A wide variety of colours and bowl styles, including a Suribachi Scuttle!

My only problem is that I have only a narrow Wall-mounted vanity cabinet and a small basin underneath.. where and how to store it so it doesn't get knocked, dropped and shatter?

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