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Hema double edge razor blades

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Hema is a Dutch chain of department stores with stores in almost every Dutch town or city of any significance. They have stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam but also in such towns as Heiloo and Dedemsvaart :biggrin: This means that finding these blades is very easy.

Hema is known for their quality products and relatively low prices. The Hema DE blades are no exception. At €1,35 a 10 pack they are far from expensive. The quality isn't bad either, I still don't know which company is behind these blades but they give a smooth shave. In terms of sharpness these blades are not as sharp as a Feather but comparable to Merkur blades. In terms of smoothness they are comparable to Derby blades.

Overall this is good quality 'middle of the road' blade, perfect for every day use. If you happen to visit The Netherlands, make sure to buy a pack at Hema, they have a store at Amsterdam Airport as well (Arrivals 4).

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I finally used one today after sitting on them for 6+ months.
The blade was shocking in a Goodfella razor and excellent in the Feather AS, that would be a whole other story, though.

One of the nice features is the packaging / branding - there is none whatsoever (once you chuck the cardboard/plastic thing)! The blades are wrapped in white paper and have zero markings on them. Very clean!
I went and got me a pack at my local HEMA
The price was €1,60 a bit more expensive. :mellow:

Keeping it very simple; They do not work for me.

I just could not get a smooth shave with these blades.
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Smoothness of Shave
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I thought a picture of the front and back of the HEMA blades packaging as of May 2009 might be interesting.
The text on the front says:
10 Single razor blades. Fixed system.
The text on the back says:
10 single razor blades. Rinse well during and after the shave for the best shaving result. The chrome and teflon layer on the cutting edge increases the shaving comfort and lengthens the life span of the blades.

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