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Rustic Leather Straight Razor Case Handmade by Hide & Drink

Straight Razor Case, Color - Old Tobacco

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This is a hand cut and hand made Straight Razor Case that using high-quality Suede Leather, which the manufacturer calls Swayze Suede.

I purchased this case for approximately $12.00 USD on Amazon for one of my vintage straights that didn't have a case. When I received the case I was very impressed by the quality of the handiwork for the price that I paid. The leather is very soft to the touch and the stitching appears to be very solid and should hold up for a long time.

I chose the Old Tobacco color but, they are available in black leather as well as several other colors of leather. I plan to purchase more of these cases for my straights to replace coffin boxes and other cheaper razor holders.

This product receives a very high recommendation from me for any other straight razor owners and shavers out there.
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Very sturdy item for the cost.
Pros: Very soft and supple leather product, well made and will fit any straight razor.
Cons: None.
I highly recommend these hand made leather straight razor cases. They are soft to the touch and look great!
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