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HJM Black Badger Brush

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Shaving brush, black badger, plastic handle, tortoise shell color.

Sound quality characterises this brush for those who appreciate the massaging effect while preparing to shave.

The band is machine-made, and the hairs are more flexible than bristle. The color spectrum ranges from brownish-grey to black.

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Pros: Cheap, read badger, gentle for sensitive skin
Cons: None so far
I bought this brush at a drug store in Hungary. At first I thought it was a cheap boar brush, but it turned out to be real badger.

The quality is good, it is really nice and soft compared to my eBay "badger" brush. Doesn't irritate my skin and feels very pleasant.

Making a lather is really easy and the brush basically does what you expect a brush to do.

The version I bought comes with a holder for the brush, which is a nice added bonus.

For the price you cannot go wrong with this brush.
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