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Haward double edge razor blades

Haward, a Chinese blade from the Haward razor company

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I recently ordered and received a large quantity of obscure razor blades that I found in the nooks and crannies of Aliexpress. Up for review today is a blade from the Haward razor company. It can be obtained from Aliexpress for around $2.00 a 5 pack.

I installed it in my Leaf razor (so snapped it in two and used two halved blades). The first shave was comfortable. No problem to remove 3 day old stubble with the Leaf and a BBS result with only a few passes. I have a light beard and as always YMMV. Overall a smooth experience.

I will load a Haward in a more traditional shaver shortly and report back my findings.


A picture from the Aliexpress ad

A picture from the Aliexpress ad

2021-08-08 16.19.10.jpg

Nicely packed in 'eco fashion'

2021-08-08 16.18.54.jpg

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