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I suffer badly from the occasional razor bump... I do not get them all the time, but when I do, I get them bad, and seem to take forever to go. I basically had got used to having 4 or 5 ugly red bumps on my lower neck for the last.... well - for as long as I can remember.

I have previously tried Tend Skin, which I did get some success with but only up to a certain point (i.e. it reduced the bumps about 70%, but didn't quite manage to get rid of them) and PFB Vanish, which worked like a charm for a few days then just stopped working. I've tried Tea Tre Oil, Witch Hazel and pretty much every other 'remedy' for shaving nasties I could find. None of them lived up to expectation.

A friend of mine told me they had seen an ingrown hair treatment on a website that was 'supposed to be good' - turned out to be Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment. At this point quite frankly, I was willing to give anything a go, in the hope it would be the miracle product I have been seeking. So I went to investigate.

My first reaction - 25 pounds?! Very expensive (although i'm sure it's cheaper in the States). What the hell I thought - this would be my last try with yet another new product before I handed in the towel and went to see a dermatologist.

Product arrived, and I was glad and somewhat relieved to see it was a fairly good sized container. I proceeded to do my usual routine when I try to get rid of my razor bumps using a new treatment - not shave for 4 or 5 days, and apply the treatment twice a day. The Anthony treatment is a thin gel dispensed from a pump, that is easy to massage onto your face... no cotton balls needed here. It is not as harsh as products like Tend Skin, and at most gives you a tingle instead of a face burning sting.

5 days later? I was amazed. All but the smallest traces of the nasty red razor bumps had gone. And even though it says on the packaging it will take up to 4 weeks for it to do it's job, i'm convinced in a few more days I will have 100% clear skin. This is simply the best ingrown/red bump treatment I have ever used. Yes it's expensive, but it works (for me anyway!). You only need to use a small amount (about a third of a full pump deposit) so I think it will last a fair while - especially considering i've gone down to only using it every other day now.

Price - 7
It is an expensive product, but i've given it a seven because I think you will get quite a bit of use from one bottle.

Quality - 10
Top quality all the way!

Latherability - NA
Not designed to lather.

Moisturizing - NA
Not designed to moisturize. Although it is worth noting that it absorbs into your skin pretty quickly.

Scent - 8
Not a scent you will particularly desire, but i've given it an 8 because it smell so much better than any other in grown hair treatment i've used (i.e. not like a chemical spill!)

Efficacy - 10
Absolutely fantastic! It works so well.

Packaging - 9
Convenient easy to use pump dispenser. Didn't give it a 10 as on a full pump it deposits at least twice the amount you actually need. A half press is good enough.

If you have tried the usual suspects when it comes to ingrown hair treatments and are still having no luck, you could really do worse than to give this a go. Apply twice a day (once in the morning and before bed) for 4 or 5 days whilst not shaving, and I'm sure you will see just how effective this is.

Big thumbs up! :thumbup1:

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First, let me start by saying that THIS STUFF WORKS!

Price: It is a bit on the expensive side, but you don't need much to get the job done, so one purchase should last a while.

Quality: As is the case with all Anthony products I've used, this stuff seems to be top shelf.

Scent: Medicinal, like acne medication, although I use it mainly at night so it isn't that big of a deal.

Efficacy: I'm absolutely amazed at how effective this stuff is. After just a few days of using it before bed, the bumps on my neck all but disappeared. After a couple of weeks, all the skin on my face was smoother and in better shape than it had been in years. I use it before going to bed, right after washing my face. I've tried it as an aftershave, but it just burns too badly.

Packaging: A very nice pump top, allows you to dispense just a dab of product.

All around, a very nice product. I will definitely buy more when mine runs out.
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I definitely swear by this stuff. I've tried many other razor bump products, such as tend skin, bump stopper, and many others that I can't remember and probably threw out in anger at another $20 wasted. I find that this is really the only stuff that works for me (in combination with a good DE shave only going WTG and ATG) and the use of a good exfoliating facewash daily.

Price Not bad (I get it for $25 at Sephora) but really not that much more than other similar treatments. And it really lasts a long time. I use it fairly liberally twice a day and a bottle lasts me about 3 months.

Quality Hey if it works its good quality to me.

Scent Basically unscented - I gave it an 8 because some of the other razor bump treatments have a pretty nasty chemical aroma to them so unscented is actually quite an improvement. Its a very very light citrusy scent not at all unpleasant. I really don't even notice it anymore. Doesn't linger at all.

Efficacy As stated above, the only thing that works for me. Contains phytic, glycolic, and salicylic acids, and it is the only such product I've seen that contain all three of these exfoliating compounds. I'm guessing this is the reason for its effectiveness. Also contains moisturizing ingredients which for me is enough and I do not need any other after shaves even in winter. Also stings WAY less than tend skin and those kind of products - pretty similar to any alcohol containing aftershave (even less sting than that)

Packaging Packaging is fine, simple pump dispenser. Has a removable lid so no problems throwing it in a shaving kit to take on the go.
Price: I wish it was cheaper, sure (I wish EVERYTHING was cheaper), but I believe it's a fair price for the product.
Quality: Superb. Very fine product.
Scent: Smells just fine, and the scent disappears into the background quickly. Very good with lime / citrus-based shave scents.
Efficacy: Yes. See below.
Packaging: Nice pump, good design.

So here I am, 33 years old and still getting ingrowns AND zits. I've tried tons of things - benzoyl peroxide seemed to be the most effective at keeping things under control, though. I ordered this product as an attempt to work on the ingrowns (which, while BETTER from wetshaving, were still a problem once a week or so).

What I got was nothing short of a cure for my zits. Period. UNBELIEVABLE product. I find that applying AFTER shaving (after my ASB) is the best timing - it will sting like heck on the freshly-shaved areas, but those places (and anywhere else the gel touches) will become zit-free after a fairly short span of time.

I am buying more of this as soon as my current supply runs out. I am not sure, at all, which ingredient is the one more responsible for my zit-free face, but I'm not sure I care. I just know that my face is looking better now than it ever has.
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