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All Natural Men's Pre-Shave

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"All Natural Pre-Shave Oil.

Made with Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil.

Prepare your skin for shaving with this all natural pre-shave oil. Pre-shave oil adds an extra layer of protection to your skin and prevents razor burn or irritation."

- https://www.etsy.com/listing/247971795/all-natural-mens-pre-shave-2-oz-bottle

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Pros: Scent, Protection, Slickness
Cons: If you want a mentholated pre-shave, this is not mentholated.
This shave was conducted with roughly ten days’ worth of facial hair, an iKon DLC Slant Razor with a new feather blade, the soap used was Reef Point Soaps Aviator Scent and of course the bare naked beauty pre-shave oil. I placed a quarter size amount of the Bear Naked Beauty pre-shave onto my hand and rubbed it into my growth. Immediately the scent kicked in, it was a mixture of me between a sweet scent and a Cedarwood, not mentholated which I like a lot. It is made with witch hazel but I could not smell it in the bottle or when putting it on my skin, unless it was mixed in with the sweet and Cedarwood aroma. My skin glistened. Glistening pre shave does not mean you are protected, but it is a great sign that it will offer a slick surface for your shave. I started lathering a bowl with a Whipped Dog 30mm high mountain badger brush and applied it to my face. I chose to use a bowl lather just to put the pre shave to the test to see if it would harden or evaporate off my skin. I applied the lather to my face and began to shave aggressively with the iKon DLC razor (very aggressive slant razor with a very aggressive Feather blade). There was no discomfort using the bare naked beauty pre-shave oil. I got a first pass done and washed my face off. I decided that I would now attempt to use the pre-shave oil mixed in with the bowl lather (this was my first time attempting this as I usual am very cautious about getting a good amount of oil onto my skin to protect it from this aggressive razor). I was nervous that I would cut my skin due to using this technique of applying pre-shave to the lather. When I lathered up my brush and applied it to my skin, and began to make strokes with the razor to my utter surprise there was a very good layer of protection. The pre-shave oil worked great even with not applying it directly to the skin! This really was the ultimate proof for me about the quality of this product. If you are able to use a pre-shave with your lather in my books it passes every test. I wanted to see how it would apply for a more rookie shaver, so I used a synthetic brush on the Reef Point Soap and got a few drops of pre-shave and applied it to my washed face. I lathered a very light coat of shaving cream on my face and used a more rookie razor with a new Treet blade (also very aggressive) and shaved two passes. Once again the pre-shave supplied an excellent coating on my skin, left no weepers or cuts and for someone with sensitive skin this is almost unheard of.

Overall I could not have asked for a better pre-shave oil, this is ranked with the top of the pre-shave oils I have used. And for the price it is something I will return to time and time again. The price is $14.77 which is adequate plus shipping and is found on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/listing/247971795/all-natural-mens-pre-shave-2-oz-bottle
Susie is the owner of the shop and is someone who is great to deal with, she is very kind, very responsive and overall is exactly the type of person you would want to deal with when buying any product off Etsy. The product is shipped from Canada, I found that the product did come later then both Susie and I expected but that is not her fault, it could be a realm of things from Canada Post to Customs!

When you receive your pre-shave it comes in a little tan sack that has Bare Naked Beauty written on it. It has directions on the back and the logo of Bare Naked Beauty on the front. It is eloquent but simple. I find these are the best types of products. If you have very complex bottles or printings you can reasonably gather that a good amount of your money is going towards that rather than the products placed into your product. With the shipping and packaging I received from Bare Naked Beauty I was pleasantly surprised at the eloquence but also knew that the ingredients used is where most of my money is going, which for me is what it is all about!
The ingredients list is simple and that is great for me. The product is made out of Materials: Witch Hazel, Purified Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Cedarwood essential oil.

Overall I would rate this product a 10 out of 10. There is absolutely nothing that needs to be changed with this product. The store for me also I’d rate 10 out of 10, Susie was great to deal with! There are no hidden fees. The only thing I would make sure you understand is that it is 14.77 for the product plus shipping! Don’t forget the shipping. Canada’s Post shipment fees might be a lot for you, but that is a problem I don’t attribute to the shop.

Here is a word from Susie, the owner of Bare Naked Beauty!

“Beauty is how you feel about yourself. Great feeling skin is a step towards feeling good. Feeling good will help you live a fantastic life.
I create products that I myself enjoy and are not irritating to my sensitive skin. I have skin issues including psoriasis, and needed natural products that would help sooth and not aggravate my condition. My goal started out being to replace all items I put on my skin and hair that was not natural, with a product of my own. I have accomplished that and have taken it a step further. I starting making products that my family and friends needed as well. This is my current line of products. I am continually learning and creating new products for myself and to share with other.
Each ingredient I use, is added with it’s natural properties in mind. I try to grow many of the herbs I use. When I cannot I use local and organic products. The beeswax and honey I use in my products come from a bee keeper right here on Manitoulin Island. Many of my other ingredients are purchased through a local whole foods market dedicated to local, organic and fair trade. Other items I purchase are from individuals making a living while living their dream.
I hope you enjoy my products. If you have an allergy or preference, since all my products are made in small batches, I would be happy to make a custom product just for you.”
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