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Jao Refresher with Alum as deodorant: Amazing performance!

Review of Jao Refresher as a deodorant, combined with Alum. The best results I've had so far!

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Using Jao Refresher with Alum gives truly excellent deodorant performance with zero irritation. It out-performed any previous products I've used and has become my deodorant-of-choice.

A few months back, I was at my favourite shaving shop "SoulObjects" here in Berlin to pick up some goodies and just have a look-around for new products. The summer got quite hot here and I think I'm built for colder climates, because I tend to sweat quite a bit. It doesn't help that I ride a motorcycle, because in a city like Berlin where you stop a lot in traffic, a motorcycle-jacket can quickly become a full-on sauna, especially with a hot engine between your legs!

My go-to deodorant has always been Rexona, which is one of the few deodorants that performs for me. It does have some major draw-backs though. The main issue is that it often causes discolouration my shirts; it actually changes to paints, because it will not wash out and I can throw the shirt in the trash after a while. Secondly, it has a cheap scent that doesn't fit with all my wonderful splashes and Colognes I got into with DE-shaving.

My first experience
I mentioned my issues to the owner and he asked me if I had ever tried Jao Refresher? I hadn't, so I picked up a pump-flask and got a free small atomiser as a gift. I tried it for the first time. The scent is clean and crisp and dissipates for the most part. The little scent that remains just smells fresh and does not interfere with my other scents... That was box one checked.

I do have quite sensitive skin under my arms. I felt it started to burn, similar to how an aftershave can burn. The burn came on slowly and continued for quite a while (around 5-10 minutes). I don't mind a bit of burn, but this was a bit long and much for me. I'll get back to this though, because currently I have no issues with this anymore. I later checked with other users and they did not have this issue, so it is probably my skin-type here. It did perform very well during the day and even after a very warm night, I still smelled fresh the next morning. Very nice!

Getting perfect results when combined with Alum
After a few days of use, I got thinking. Alum stone closes pores, which may help with the burn and it is a natural deodorant itself. As a test I first used my Alum stick and let it dry a bit while I did other parts of my morning routine. Then I sprayed on some Jao. This time I had zero burn: Not even a hint! It also worked even better than Jao alone. I had used Alum as a deodorant before, but it could not match this combination. On a lazy weekend after a party, 2 hot days and nights, no shower (told you it was lazy;)) and a few motorcycle rides, there wasn't even the faintest hint of any body odour under my arms. Just nothing!

Discolouration issues solved!
After using it for a few months now I can also report that I have not had any discolouration of my shirts anymore. Not all shirts had the same issue, but I've lost many over the years to this issue. I'm very happy this is a thing of the past now.

Is it worth the price?
One drawback that must be mentioned is that Jao Refresher isn't cheap. The 2oz atomiser is around $10. The 8oz pump-bottle is $18. I personally use the 8oz to fill the atomiser bottle to keep costs down a bit. The Rexona roller I used before wasn't cheap either, but clearly this is a more expensive product. With 2 squirts per arm per day though, an 8oz bottle will last me a couple of months, so count on a few dollars a month. It did cut on my shirt costs though:) The cost of the Alum can be ignored: It costs a few bucks and, if the stick is dried after each use, will last you for years.

The Conclusion
All-in-all I cannot recommend this product enough. I cannot image I will find a better solution when it comes to effectiveness. I may be persuaded if I can get the same results at a lower price. It would have to tick all the boxes, including a scent that does not conflict with my after-shaves and colognes though.

Your Experiences?
If you've tried Jao-Refresher, I'd love to hear your findings! Did you experience any burning? Does Alum solve it for you? And does combining Alum with Jao Refresher give you the same great results? I can't wait to hear your findings.

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