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Wish you had known, bad purchases.

People be it any product buy stuff that is more hype then good.

What Razors, Blades, etc., have you purchased that were total duds. Would never buy again.

At one time in another life I did Country Fair circuit pitching products as summer job.

Product worked as shown, had few unhappy buyers.
X-Ray Specs I recall were a big let down.

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Purchased a puck of Ogallala Bay Rum without doing any research. I think the soap base itself is very reasonable (especially for the price) but the amount of clove in the soap is ludicrous. I didn't necessarily dislike the strange warm/tingling sensation from the lather, but the scent lingers substantially on natural brushes. It's just very overpowering. Wish I had purchased the unscented instead.
I first tried DE shaving about 7 years ago with a Parker 96. I didn’t like the experience and went back to cartridges. It turns out the 96 was a poor quality razor and I wish I had known that then.
l’Occitane cade shaving soap and... Williams mug shaving soap.
Sorry Williams did not work for you. If you still have it see my post on how to lather it well with a boar brush that works for many. Could be worth a try. Link below.

As a consolation prize the Williams could be one of your best investments based on current prices since it was discontinued. If you still have it put it on BST if new or PIF it if used. Glad I have a reserve stock of it.

Edit. P.S. Just saw your subsequent post that you tried the Williams 10 years ago and no longer have it.
My bad purchase was a Ming She 3000s adjustable razor. Poorly made with a defect that caused an uneven presentation of the blade with multiple weepers as the result. Fortunately this was an under $10 purchase. Surprising that there is not a low cost (under $20) adjustable razor out there that works well. Given that Black Beauty Razors from Gillette were under $5 ($15-20 in today's dollars) there should be something similar available today. Low cost adjustables seem to have blade alignment problems per the user reviews.
Most of my soap trials have been found wanting in their post-shave results, rather than their in-shave physics.

Arko Stick: nice shave, face a bit dried-up, though
Palmolive Stick (extinct): lovely scent, nice shave, face a bit dried-up , not as bad as Arko though.
Speick: nice shave (which I liked the scent of!), a face like the Sahara Desert

The blue-bowl Wilkinson (circa 2018) was pretty bad across the board (hard to lather, mediocre in-shave physics, nasty dried-up post-shave). I think I tried it before signing-up here.

Afterwards, I wondered if it was a marketing strategy (put them off!)
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