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Wish you had known, bad purchases.


I shaved a fortune
Mine has broken in some I'd say but nowhere near enough.

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The Maggard 70/30 has been a great disappointment. After a great many (over a hundred I think) dry to wet to dry cycles the knot is not satisfactory. I've given up on it.

Happy shaves,

Sometime, I would guess, you'll send it off to Rudy or another brush maker and have them put a great knot in that wonderful antique-ish beehive handle.
Mine is an eBay purchase with pictures that made a rare vintage razor and blades look to be in much better than they actually were.

I have mixed feelings on this one (I'm not being to specific incase the seller is a member here). It is a rare razor that I got for an excellent price and in much better condition than most that are for sale, which made me get really excited... Which is lead to a let down when I saw the actual razor.

The sad thing is, I would still have bought it with clearer pictures and more detail, but the pictures set up some false expectations and left me feeling disappoint.

Now that I've vented, I'll start thinking about restoring it after Easter. I know it will bring me joy to restore it and eventually it it.
I do regret dumping it. I wish I could have given it to someone who enjoys it. I was new to B & B then or perhaps that was when I was just lurking. I'm wiser now.

I decanted it into a glass hot sauce bottle. I may revisit it at some point, though definitely in no hurry.
I should add to don't think the seller was trying to be deceptive or malicious. I just got myself over excited by what I could see in the photos

As a seller here, I always worry about whether or not the buyer will be satisfied with any item I offer.

It is sometimes very difficult to highlight flaws in pictures, so I am always prepared to offer the buyer a refund if the item is less than expected, or if the buyer feels that the item was somehow misrepresented, even if unintentionally.
Gillette plastic 7 O'Clock razors. Figured what the heck, cheap enough, and I only had experience with plastic razors anyway. Had to spray my face with Luminol and call the cops every time I used it. Bought three of them. Struggled with it for five years not knowing any better. Always and forever cut the crap out of my neck. Left the house with scabs galore.

"You buggered your face up again," said my wife all the time.

They took Williams pucks off the market which got me looking online again. Gave my Lord L6 another try after reading up on the finer points of shaving. So glad I did. I get a shave now that drops panties wherever I go. Got some Arko, Clubman aftershave and some alum, and my shaves change my outlook on the whole day ahead. I am happy again. The future looks good.
B&M War. Love the artwork and thought it would be awesome for those days when you are ready to go to War! THEN I read the reviews on here AFTER I had purchased it and everyone was spot on. Cilantro. Wah waaaaaah.
Van Yulay vegan shave soap. It'll work, but it has a thin quickly disappearing lather. I'd rather use Dove. Their tallow and hard pucks are good.

Cella Bio in a tube. Whoever decided to sell this in a tube should be slapped. It's way too thick to be sold in a tube and leads to much frustration. Great soap though---buy it in the tub.
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