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Why do so many shaving related vendors have such bad customer service?

That is absolutely inexcusable with regard to a business, be it big OR small!
Sometimes an email service provider can make a mistake, and the service provider's customers might not get email under certain circumstances through no fault of their own. I would surmise that this probably isn't that common, but in the interest of giving someone the benefit of the doubt, it is possible--hence my recommendation to try to contact the vendor using other means, if possible, before being 100% certain they're ignoring you.
For your consideration...

Email can be a hit or miss proposition at times due to anti-spam measures and how the destination email service or mailbox is configured. My email service was once accidentally blacklisted for a period of time because spam was supposedly detected being sent using one of the servers (I am pretty sure this was a false positive), and a message I sent was simply never delivered to the destination, and there was no notification of the failure. This is probably not that common, but it's possible. I have also encountered situations where the responder's system is misconfigured and the response never makes it back. And as we all know, spam folders occasionally contain legitimate messages.

I guess my point is that it is possible that the person you're sending the email to never saw your email in the first place, or they responded but you never received it. I would try an alternate means of contact (if available) to rule out non-responsiveness.

(Of course, you could be entirely correct that they saw your message and didn't reply...)
I'm leaning towards they ignored the message. We're talking a couple companies so I highly doubt that it was a spam folder issue. And on my end, I check all my folders always. Everyone uses email as a primary means now. So if they have an email issue, it's on them. They would need to create an alternate method of contact then (which none show any as available).
Like I said before, no excuses for running businesses this way.


No tattoo mistakes!
What is that?

I'm working on a general reply to this thread. It will probably be long, and it will probably take some time. So please be patient.

The only reason I'm posting this here now is that if I don't, chances are I'll just end up shaking it off (which I no doubt should do). So I'm pinning it on myself before my better judgment prevails.

In the meantime, Ted Lasso was an Apple TV show. For some reason one of my favorite scenes from Ted Lasso came to mind as I was reading through the thread. It's not directly on point, but I'll share it for what it's worth.

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That's why I mentioned buying in Europe. I've done it plenty and it's always been great. I'd rather pay more than get bad service!
I think you would be in the minority for rather pay more than get bad service for the majority of transactions. Fast and cheap over good If we are going for the rule of two.

However I think for most of us here on this forum we do agree with your sentiment
Well I am not much of big time spender on supplies, and if someone cyst mer service sucks. Why would I buy from them again, unless I feel charitable. BTW I a m supper fussy what Charities I give too.
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