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Win a free tub of Castle Forbes Sandalwood and Cedar Shaving Cream at Shavetools.com

Without a doubt, Musgo Real classic aftershave. I bought it on a blind buy a few years ago and was blown away when it arrived. Then when I used it the next morning, I couldn't believe how well it worked and smelled. It smells clean, European and a bit of good ole' American cash; yes dollars. A bit steep for me to run everyday but on date night it's all I use.
For me it has to be Pre de Provence shave soap and Balm. I had only seen a few reviews about this stuff which were good. When I recived it and used it I was blown away by how moisturizing it was. And a puck looks like it will last forever. The combination of the two is simply awesome and doesnt get enough attention. Fantastic stuff!
I'm in. The reviews on ARKO are so polar i didn't know if i would like it, but it was so cheap I had to try it. Love the scent, and the lather is just awesome!
Maggard Shave soaps. I like the whole line of scents, whipping up lather is a no-brainer, and it is priced very economically.
I'm in. The product that exceeded my expectation was the Tabac stick. I've heard great things about it and thanks to a good friend here I was able to try it. The lather and scent is terrific. Thanks
I'm in. Taylor Of Old Bond Street Sandalwood shave cream was my eye-opener. I love how it lathers, how it feels on my face, love the smell & what's more - my wife likes it too. Win-Win!!
Thanks for the chance, mine is a TGN 2 band finest brush from Joe. I tried a mixed hair brush and found it was too scrubby and the boar hair in it was not soft. With the finest, it is nice and soft but gives a good scrub while lathering. I always find myself wanting to use it but like to give it a few days to completely dry.
I was very happy with my purchase of Taylor of Old Bond for Sensitive Skin. It really has no scent (and where I where I work I have to be careful per company policy) but it still feels fresh and performs really well.

Thanks for the contest!


Im in. Voskhod blades. They truly are incredible for me. I get 5 great shaves with them without any tugging or irritation.
Im IN...I was suprisingly impressed by the quality of lather produced by Tabac. The scent is polarizing, but you cant deny the quality of the soap. Its good stuff.
Thank you for this opportunity! I'm in as well. I was particularly impressed with Captains choice Lime aftershave. having tried quite a few aftershaves, coming back to that one always seems like coming home. The smell is just so fresh and herbal for the summer. I just wish it would hold on for a bit longer. and the way it makes your face feel is incredible. just enough glycerine to keep the skin moist without being sticky. its like instant hydration, even though it contains alcohol. I look forward to trying one of the other captain scents for the colder weather. after I save some pennies.

Honorable mention for me, Floids Amber. love this smell.
Great opportunity, I'm in. Frank Shaving 0930 pure badger brush totally floored me with quality and face feel. A tiny brush at an amazing price ($12 if I recall). It has only shed 2 hairs in 3 months! Would love to use some CF with this brush :thumbup1:
Cool contest. The most surprising shaving product for me was the Muhle R41. Everyone goes on and on about how aggressive and what a "Beast" it is. From Day 1 it has given me the closest, comfiest, irritation free shaves I've always wanted and I was genuinely surprised given forum feedback.
My latest surprise was the performance that I received with Voskhod blades. A great combination of smooth and sharp at a low price.
I have really enjoyed the TOBS Eton College shaving cream. The there is something about the scent that makes me really relax and enjoy the shave.