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Win a free tub of Castle Forbes Sandalwood and Cedar Shaving Cream at Shavetools.com


It has been a few weeks since the last Shavetools.com contest, so we're holding another!

To enter just make a short reply post telling every one about a shaving product that ended up really exceeding your expectations, and, if you haven't been to Shavetools.com recently, we'd love it if you'd drop by and look around and maybe write a product review or two. The contest ends on September 25th.

First prize will be a tub of Castle Forbes Sandalwood Shaving Cream

If response to the contest is strong, then I'll include a second prize of a $10.00 gift certificate to Shavetools.com


I'll get the ball rolling with an example:
For me, one shaving product that really exceeded all my expectations would have to be the Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil. I hadn't heard a lot about it (although I was, of course familiar with their well known pre shave soap), and when I tried it, it instantly became my favorite pre shave product.
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I use Cremo Creme as a pre-shave, it offers more protection and slickness than what I had anticipated.

Thanks for offering the generous contest; congrats to the winner!
TOBS aftershave. The stuff's expensive but I took a risk for fun, turns out I not only love the scent but my skin was noticeably healthier after only one use.

Thanks for the contest!
The big one is Pinaud Clubman Original. The scent isn't great by itself, but I love it when used after a nicely scented cream or soap. And I love the way my skin feels after using it. Honorable mention to Williams soap. The reviews were so polar that I didn't expect to like it.
Merkur Slant 37C.
Have tried razors ranging from mild (34C, weber, old gillette) to aggressive (R41, fatip).
Avoided the slant as I thought it was all hype.
Recently bought one - was surprised to find this was the razor I had been looking for: smooth, not aggressive, but cuts almost as effectively as the R41.
For me, the product that really exceeded all my expectations is the simple and humble alum block. Such a great feedback tool post shave and benefits my face too. (Honorable mention goes to Mystic Waters shave soap. I expected good but didn't expect to find it at the top of my list)

Thanks for the giveaway!
My barber always used a sweet smelling pre shaved. I asked what he used and strange enough he mixed equate clean and hot six oil from african royal. I use this tonic every day for my pre shave ritual. I feel that the blade glides threw the skin, of course with addition to some shave soap. But this hot six oil is life saver to me.
Was blown away by how well the VDH soap lathered and works. Didn't expect much from a soap in a $25 kit but it's definitely become a regular in my rotation... brush isn't half bad either
Thanks for the chance. My most recent surprise came as I worked through a lot of T&H samples. All were great creams, but the Ultimate Comfort was head and shoulders above the rest.


I'm in. Stirling soaps, I was selected as one of the early testers and it wasn't good. I held off quite awhile after a lot of people started talking it up, but when I finally bought some, I was blown away with the slickness, scents and face feel. Stirling is now my go to soap.
Thanks for this "contest". My surprise product was Fine Aftershave's American Blend. Fragrance brings me back to the old barber shop my Dad brought me to as a lad (many years ago).
I'm in, thanks. The product that exceeded my expectations is the Fine series of aftershaves and I like them very much.
I'm in. Biotique shaving creme has exceeded my expectations. Extremely easy to lather and the lather has gray body to it. I just wish it had an aroma. I also like Kiss My Face and the various scents available.
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