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Win a free tub of Castle Forbes Sandalwood and Cedar Shaving Cream at Shavetools.com

I haven't been wet shaving long. But for me the product that surprised me the most was blue bird blades. I got a small pack with my razor and they perform so much better than the blade that came with my razor.
This sounds great!

For me, it would be the Omega WCS B&B Boar brush I picked up - I had no idea a boar could be that good - so good that it is now my primary brush compared to using badger.
I am amazed at how soft the tips have become and how good of a face latherer it is.
I'm in. For me the product that exceeded my expectations was Cella. I never tought that a soap could be that great, the slickness the protection, there is nothing that soap can't do. And best of all is really cheap.
Thanks for the contest! Dreadnought shave cream exceeded my expectations. I didn't know what to expect but everything from the scent, ease of building lather and the longevity of this product amazes me. I can't speak for the beard reduction claims the company has but the lather it provides for my daily shaves is second to none!
I'm in.
The product that surprised me the most is HTGAM's Symmetry Open Comb Safety Razor. At half the price of a Muhle R41, it's in the same performance class. I still use my R41 as my daily razor and have the Symmetry OC as my travel razor.
I'm in! I was surprised by the Omega Boar 49 brush I got for 9.99 on Amazon. After some soaking in Oxi-clean and test lathers to defunk the brush it has now become my go to brush. It works so well for face lathering my Razorock soaps.
I'm in ... thanks!

My product that exceeded expectations is Arko stick ... I bought it just to see what the fuss was about and it's just an incredible performing soap for the price.
iKon Shavecraft 101, best razor I have bought so far. I was concerned that it would be too aggressive, it was just right.
Love my Razorock alum block. It's a simple little thing -- and I know it's just a block of minerals -- but I love the size, weight, and shape; it works like a charm; and it comes in a terrific little plastic case.
I'm definitely in!

I recently went to an estate sale and bought a puck of Barbasol shave soap that was still in the box along with a vintage Ever Ready 150 brush. I think I gave like $2 for the pair. These have become my daily go-to soap and brush combo. The soap lathers up ridiculously easily, and the lather is rich, thick, and slick. Definitely gonna have to hunt some more down before this puck disappears! It's pretty much amazing!

Thanks for the great contest! I've heard nothing but good things about Castle Forbes products.
I was quite pleasantly surprised by artisan soap maker known as Mike's Natural. His soaps are top notch for me and one of my favorites.
Crown Shaving Company aftershave tonic has surprised me. It makes my face feel wonderful without feeling tacky. There is nothing worse than applying an aftershave splash and then getting that tight dry face feeling which normally causes me to have to add glycerin. Crown also lasts on me for a very long period. I was getting whiffs of it today 9 hours after I applied it in the morning. I'm in.
Mine is the Simpsons Duke 3 in best. I have a couple rooneys in super i paid considerably more for, and i am completely in love with my Duke after only a few uses. Not to say my Rooneys are bad but i was shocked at the quality of simpsons best hair.
I think the biggest surprise for me would be williams mug soap. If you were to listen to all the haters you'd think that it was complete garbage, but I tried it and found it to be an amazing product. With cushion, protection and slickness.