Who keeps tools in their auto? What you use?

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  1. Toothpick

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    I’d like to keep some tools in my automobile. Not a full fledged toolbox but some spare tools that would be handy for working on the auto along the side the road. Or needing a tool and the closest toolbox is in my auto. Or whatever other situation I might run into.

    I have an emergency auto kit so I’m not thinking emergency items per se. Also I drive a single cab truck so What I need to store them in needs to be compact.

    I really like the roll up bag like this. I can roll it up and stuff it under the seat, or behind the seat.

    FC319A32-A062-46C8-8C48-040C8DAD9365.jpeg 89555BDD-1106-4FE0-9397-2D753DF8CDDF.jpeg

    So any suggestions on other storage ideas for a small single cab truck?

    Tools I’m thinking:
    Electrical tape
    Adjustable wrench
    15mm wrench (for oil drain plug)

    What else?
  2. I do not keep any tools in my car
  3. With my car there’s not much I can work on. I keep a small compressor, jump starter, marine tape for holes, and oil. In my old cars one could actually work on, small hammer to hit the starter, common wrench sizes 9/16 comes to mind, wd40, and duct tape:)
  4. Toothpick

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    I’m not really expecting to actually have to work on the car along side the road. Heck, If it quit running while driving I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But as an example - the other day I was swapping out the radio in it, I needed pliers. A couple weeks ago I swapped out the rear speakers, I needed a screwdriver. I changed the oil, I needed a wrench. Granted, the tools I needed in these situations were just a walk to the shed away, or the garage at work. But strictly speaking convenience - it would have been nice to have them right there.
  5. Maybe some hose clamps, adjustable wrench, needle nose pliers with cutters, screwdriver, small wd40, flashlight, a box cutter, tape, bandage for scraped knuckles, dry hand cleaner and a towel, should all roll up in a nice tool roll.
  6. Ad Astra

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    Well, yeah. 12v compressor, Spetznaz shovel, crash axe at a minimum. Come-along with strap/chain/rope usually.

    Survival gear of course; that's a given.

  7. I think it's a good idea to keep a few basic tools in the vehicle.

    I keep a small kit that includes pliers, multi-bit screwdriver, utility knife, scissors, rescue tape, 12v compressor, tire repair kit, flip lug sockets and an extendable ratchet (for the sockets). Anything beyond something quick and simple or a tire fix, I have roadside assistance, a cell phone, and a credit card.

    That tool pouch looks perfect for your needs.

    I use a small canvas bag to store everything...

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    download (1).jpg my favorite tool
  9. Thanks for reminding me, I need to gather up some tools to put in my truck in case of emergency. In all my other trucks I have always had a small assortment of tools if a small case. Then in 2016 lost my truck in a flood and did not take the tools out and have not had a chance to replace them.
  10. Vise Grips & you're not Canadian if you don't have Duct tape.
  11. Yep.
    Vice grips, tape. Couple screwdrivers. Old hand towel. Jumper cable.
  12. Doc4

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    Let's see ...

    jumper cables
    spare headlight bulbs (my truck is old enough I can reach in and replace them by hand, no tools needed)
    tire chains
    tow rope
    Leatherman 300
    Swiss Army Knife
    Tire guage
    Tire change wrench & jack
    high-viz vest
    high-power flashlight
  13. Yeah, aside from hand tools I keep some disposable gloves, headlamp, and a 55ga drumliner too
  14. I drive an SUV with a lot of room under the cargo area, so space isn't really a concern. If I see something I think might be useful, in it goes.

    multi-bit screwdriver
    adjustable wrench
    diagonal cutters
    locking pliers
    bungee cords
    Electrical and duct tape
    zip ties
  15. Among all else, include a pair of bypass cable cutters with insulated handles. If you ever develop an electrical short, where insulation on wiring starts smoldering a quick snip of the ground cable is much faster than trying to unbolt the battery cable. You will melt your hand if you try to grab a hot cable and pull it off the battery.
    I see bad wiring all the time. People run wires through bulkheads without grommets in the holes. They rub and abrade through and short out. Often people who would do that dont fuse a circuit properly either. Any second hand vehicke could have faulty wiring you dont know about until it shorts out. Cutting a battery cable can end a melt down and prevent a vehicle fire from progressing.
    Fire extinguisher is something everyone should have too. Check ou the new Element ones.
  16. That looks pretty slick. I'm looking into it
  17. ajkel64

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    Here in Australia you can buy fairly cheap cased auto tools. Looks like a black brief case and when you open it up there is usually a little of everything that you might need. Now they are cheap tools so to use them regularly they may not last but for an emergency they would be fine. I would assume that you can get them in the USA. Here you can get them from $29.99 upwards. I took mine out of the car as I cannot do anything now with all the moulded shrouds and things under the bonnet and lets not start with the computer side of things. If I find mine I will add a photo to show you what I mean.
  18. My AAA card is always in my wallet and on my phone. I don’t know enough about auto mechanics that it’s worth it for me to carry tools in my car.

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  19. I just have a hodge podge of things I threw together. As far as working on the car now days you just about have to be an auto tech. with special tools to do much more than change the tire or fix a radiator hose.

    Behind the seat of the truck I have:

    Jumper cables
    Folding shovel
    Military poncho/tarp/shelter
    floor jack
    tow rope
    100 feet of nylon rope
    collapsible fishing rod

    In a backpack I have behind the seat:

    Skinning knife
    small flashlight and batteries
    first aid supplies
    shop rags
    a plastic container with:
    fishing line
    a few fishing lures
    electrical tape
    knife sharpener
    and a few other odds and ends in there

    It might not be a bad idea to buy an inexpensive but quality .22 revolver and a box of shells to put in there, but I usually have a firearm with me...but it's usually not a proper one for small game hunting. I always have a multi-blade pocket knife in my pocket.

    This one may be a possible option for a truck gun.

    Charter Arms Target Pathfinder Revolver - Item# 1448713
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  20. Craftsman makes a plastic behind the seat truck tool box for a full size pickup and one in a compact size. They are designed to fit behind the seat of a regular cab pickup. They are about 10 bucks. Even the compact one will hold quite a bit. I have 3 trucks. Each have a well stocked one.
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