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When I shot bullseye

I used to shoot a lot of bullseye. I needed a range box to carry all my stuff. Targets, scope, guns, ammo , oils and tools. You know.
So I designed this.
Thin birch ply and mahogany dovetailed frame.
Starting from the handle it’s carved into a full grip.
The back of the box tilts out for access to targets.
The front swings up to access everything else . The top drawer holds the spotting scope which attaches to an adjustable arm. This way as the box is on the bench I can adjust it to perfect height so as not to have to move from my position. I just tilt my head to track my shots.
The center tray holds up to 4 guns. All held in place with a tensioner wheel. Turn the wheel and it clamps all securely in place.
The bottom holds ammo. If I tote 4 guns I’ll keep ammo separate as it can get heavy.
The side drawers hold oil, tools, clips etc.
I also carved custom grips for my Ruger and S&W for bullseye shooting incorporating finger grooves and beaver tails. They work great.
Hope you enjoy.


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Nice. The cabinet alone looks heavy, is it?
Looks it but no. It’s only thin ply birch. You can carry a 4x8 panel with one hand . I had to build it light for all I wanted to carry.
And relatively little actual wood is only 1/2 inch.
And usually it’s 2 guns. So , no not heavy .

I’ve lugged heavier suitcases. Many think that until I say here, lift it .
Wow that’s not what I expected!
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That looks like a well made and well thought range box. I bet it took some time to make it just the way you wanted to, but I bet in the long run it saves you time when you load it up and head for the range.
Thank you!
Yea, I like to think so. Using it is a joy. So easy and it’s always half full. Just add the guns and ammo of the day and off you go.

As to time? Yeah a bit . But well spent I believe. But it is what I do for a living .
At first glance, the first thumbnail reminded me of a portable phonograph. The second pic did little to disabuse me of that notion.

Very nice. My dad was always making boxes for specific tools and thought them out in a way that all the accessories would fit cleanly and intelligently.
Thank you gentlemen!
Worked well until IPSC and IDPA turned my head. Off I went with high caps, multiple clips and range bags
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