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What's Your Breakfast?

Here is my new favorite way of eating soft boiled eggs. This is a Jacques Pepin recipe for œufs mollet al la Florentine. May sound fancy but it's simply 6 minute soft boiled eggs placed on a bed of sauteed spinach and covered with a simple white sauce sprinkled with shredded Swiss and Parmesan cheese. This is all placed in gratin dish and browned under a broiler for a few minutes.


Baked apples, fresh pears and frozen pie cherries sweetened with maple sugar. A slice of homemade wholegrain sourdough. A cup of coffee.

Soon, an oatcake because although I like fruit at breakfast it doesn't tend to stick with me. I need a nibble to tide me over 'til lunch.

Scrambled eggs with sautéed asparagus, sliced up red onion and cherry tomatoes. Added shredded mozzarella and mild cheddar when eggs began to set. Two Johnsonville original sausage patties. Tasty and satisfying. A good breakfast carries you through the day.
Anyone been cutting back on eggs now they are outrageously expensive?

I've been baking extra potatoes and cooking up homefries lately.

Alternating with loaded oatmeal (cut up apples, nuts, raisins) and maple syrup.
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