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What's Your Breakfast?

For all the mouth watering meals posted in the What's Cooking thread, I don't see much love for breakfast. In my opinion, there's not much that beats a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning, brewing a strong pot and whipping up something hearty.

Today was a monstrous, buttered English muffin, egg, sunny-side up, sauteed sweet peppers and red onion, sliced avocado, julienned pepperoni, finished with some green onion, cracked pepper, and fleur de sel.

Anyone else showing any love for the most important meal?



Alfred Spatchcock
Three over medium, toast, and bacon for me today. Most days are an alternation of steel cut oatmeal or a bowl of cereal, banana, and coconut milk.

Yours looks and sounds much more tasty!


Wanting for wisdom
Pancakes made from scratch with a little cinnamon and nutmeg. Cooked with three nuggets of old cheddar cheese in each pancake and served with real maple syrup. Four rashers of bacon from, I kid you not, free range pigs. At least that is the truth as it was told to me.
Fresh fruit salad, followed by poached eggs on my home-made sourdough toast. Accompanied by OJ, some Italian Espresso blend coffee, and nice conversation with my better half. Bliss.


Fridays are Fishtastic!
I work second shift so I get up late. Today was chicken pad Thai at the local Thai joint. I've been craving it for a bit.


Unacceptably Lasering Chicken Giblets?
Mom and dad are staying the weekend so something different was on the menu!

We had barbacoa tacos with homemade quacamole and salsa. And fried eggs for those who wanted them.
Also a couple cups of coffee brewed using the Chemex!
It was awesome!!
Normally, I am not a breakfast person. However, today after church my wife and I were hungry so we decided to have breakfast or brunch. I had two pancakes, two eggs over easy, and two pieces of bacon. My wife had eggs Benedict. It was so filling we skipped lunch!
I have to start the the day slow and easy and build to a grande finale later in the day. Slow and easy or forget about eating the rest of the day...

Bowl of Bran Buds with soy milk, a banana i share with the rabbit who goes berserk until she gets her share, 4 pitted prunes, two slices of raisin bread toasted and buttered, tap water, scrumptious and not much of a photo op. Lunch, or second breakfast follows maybe an hour & a half later if not less, depends when i fall out of bed. Dinner around 4 hours after finishing lunch.


Slash McCoy

I freehand dog rockets
Brace of pheasants and a bottle of claret, usually. Sometimes a black truffle souffle with a vintage port of no less than 25 years. One must have standards, mustn't one? Oysters Newburg and champagne when I am roughing it. With croissants and caviar, naturally.
Black coffee, eggs done per desire and bacon or pork roll - most days.

Most days I like my eggs poached laying on top of pork roll, almost like eggs Benedict. Some days (weekends) I'll make a hollandaise sauce from scratch and drizzle it over them.

Tabasco is a nice addition.

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