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What's Your Breakfast?

Anyone been cutting back on eggs now they are outrageously expensive?

I've been baking extra potatoes and cooking up homefries lately.

Alternating with loaded oatmeal (cut up apples, nuts, raisins) and maple syrup.

Not cutting back. Food, good quality and healthy varieties is the best thing to maintain health.
A dozen large white eggs were $3.68 at the local grocer, and the stores' cooler was packed full of them, as were other varieties of eggs. Stopped at the big store on the way home for bird seed and squirrel corn, out of curiosity swung by the egg area, $4.24 for a dozen large eggs, and the egg display was almost empty. Also, the Hiland milk we bought at the local grocer was about 40 cents less per half gallon. Maybe I need to visit the local grocer more often. I sure as heck know shopping at the local place is easier on my angst and blood pressure.
After an hour on the mountain bike, a 3 egg ($5 for a dozen Eggland’s Best - she says the price is coming down) omelette with pork shank, sautéed onion, and cheddar cheese, with Sambal, and a yogurt bowl.


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Here is my new favorite way of eating soft boiled eggs. This is a Jacques Pepin…
My sister sent me a pic last Thursday of Jacques Pepin from a restaurant on buck-a-shuck oyster night. I would not have recognized him, but she did! I hope he did not become ill as my sister and her friend did after splitting a dozen.
Scrambled eggs with sautéed asparagus and onion, small pieces of fried bacon and ham, shredded cheddar all folded into the eggs. This is really good, and since I have poor skills at folding an omelet, it is a good substitute.
More brunch than breakfast today...ate at 10am. We had open face breakfast burritos. Flat 8" tortilla with scrambled egg, bacon, and sausage crumbles topped with shredded Mexican cheese and medium heat chunky Pace salsa. More than good. Speaking of Pace condiments, we have been eating alot of Pace salsa and picante lately, and have tried at least half a dozen versions, and have yet to find one we don't like. I haven't made any salsa or picante for perhaps half a year, and won't until summer. No wonder Pace takes up the bulk of the salsa/picante section at the store.
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