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What's Steeping?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to see what home made ejuice all of us DIY guys and dolls are steeping in our vape dens. So here is the question, What's Steeping?! Pics welcome.

Prof. Moriarty

Don't do homebrew anymore since I buy fairly cheap homebrew that is better than what I can make. One of my mates has about 2litres steeping at a time.
Steeping - aging/oxidizing/venting. It seems to depend on the mix and the person. Some mixes seem to need steeping to allow all the flavors to settle-in and meld together. I'm of the opinion that it's more to do with oxidation of the nic and venting/dissipation of certain aromatics. Tobacco mixes and some vanilla really seem to need more time. I mainly mix un-flavored now, but even with tobacco flavors, I just do a few seconds in the microwave and shake it like a Polaroid for a few minutes. I'm too impatient to wait weeks.

FWIW, the worse I ever had was a Dekang flavor (555, I think) that had an awful burnt-rubber taste out of the bottle. I threw it back in the drawer and forgot about it for 2 months. I stumbled across it and gave it another crack, and it was actually "okay" - not great, but vape-able.
I've been mixing for almost 6 years... never had to steep once. Could be ingredients or ratios imo. I also hot mix so that may attribute some.
I don't have anything ageing at the moment, but I'm likely to mix up some of my knock off DIY Fruity Pebbles type cereal. Usually takes a week of aging--not as good as store bought but scratches the itch I get sometimes (I can't seem to find the secret ingredient, must be unicorn farts or something), otherwise most of my mixes don't need aging. I tend to favor single fruit flavors or menthol (which is odd cause when I smoked I hated menthol cigs).
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