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Noob here and a safety razor question.

I recently got into DE shaving and don't laugh, a $6 Morris Flamingo closed comb butterfly razor that included 2 Lanfei blades. I am working on my technique and I am really getting closer and amazing shaves. The question I have is I have been looking at Gillette Super Speeds on ebay because so many members here recommend them and also some affordable ones through Maggards. Should I stick with what I have or continue to scour Ebay for a Super Speed (which I don't know what is a good year or particular one I should be looking at) or maybe a Jager at Maggards?

Thank you. All of you guys have been a wealth of information.
You should check out razoremporium.com - great selection of vintage Gillettes!
Hey, Brian 👋

If you're looking for Super Speeds (I have a few), I'd recommend Etsy in addition to eBay. I've had good luck there.
I shaved with a 1953 Super Speed this morning and it's just such a great shave: smooth and yet efficient enough to deliver a good shave. Prices seem to have gone up on vintage Gillettes since I bought mine a year or so ago but you shouldn't have to spend a fortune to get a really excellent razor.
I agree with the Etsy route. Backroads Gold sells refurbished/replated Gilettes that are guaranteed to be aligned properly. I'm not trying to discourage you from Ebay, but it does come with some risk. I've had a few that had to be refurbished.
If you have any antique malls near you, consider taking a Saturday and looking around.

I just went through two such malls in Springfield, OH today and saw at least 6 Super Speeds, none of them more expensive than $16, most of them less, and one which might have been a Ranger, rather than a Super Speed. Definitely a 1940s model.

I have a policy of not buying razors I already have or don't intend to use, preferring to leave them for others to discover. I did take a very nice Slim home though. It was cased and the nickel finish is nicer than the one I have. I may look for some hard luck newbie grinding it out with a Lord or Rapira and send them a surprise.
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