What's on your work bench right now?

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    Thanks Ian, it’s been waiting several years for a new set of shoes, it’s about time!

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  1. Thats gping to be really cool looking!
  2. Ice-Man

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    Hmmmm well yes even a year is to long for a beautiful razor.....
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    Well just to keep you updated on the Dubl Duck Goldedge, its been stripped scales cleaned and polished.
    The blade did have start of rust around the pivot hole that has been removed, blade has been polished and cleaned ready give it's gold wash back and that will be done tomoz. As tonight I'm out with the wife for a meal and a few beers, I might even have a boogie that's a dance.

    Anyways on to the pics so far

    As you can see rust starting

    20181207_163732.jpg 20181207_163751.jpg 20181207_163847.jpg 20181207_163910.jpg
  4. hate waiting.gif
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    Yep I would sooner stay in and finish it off than go out, but sadly we have to take the wifes sister out with her new boyfriend might never see him again.
  6. Boo.gif
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    Well here she is sporting a good clean and polish, and a new gold wash plus painted lettering. Now do I do the ducks on the shank red or leave blue, but take into account the stamping is not that deep on this razor....

    But here is the pictures so far

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
  8. Ian, you have outdone yourself again! Brilliant work my friend, you are getting really great at this!!!

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    Thank you Matt!!! That means a lot to me, as the saying goes the more you do the better you get.
  10. Phenomenal work! It looks fantastic!
  11. Ice-Man

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    Thank you Tony!!!
  12. First attempt at making a razor. 1084 steel. Will be 5/8 ish. French point or maybe square. Cut out, profiled, drilled, and laid out the grind plan. Planning for as hollow as I can get it.
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    That Sir!!! is looking good no fantastic nope stunning that's for sure... Hope your going to keep us updated on this one....
  14. This is gonna be fun, :)
  15. Subscribed!!!
  16. made some progress.
    grinding pretty much done. harbor freight 1x30 belt grinder:

    heat treat in a coffee can forge with a propane torch as the heat source:

    heat til non-magnetic then heat a bit more, the quench in canola oil:


    a file skates off of it, so plenty hard. now to start tempering
  17. @Chaloney
    This is very nice to see! So it doesn't take a huge tool shop to do a straight razor yourself ;)

    Please keep us posted!
  18. it does not seem to so far, and, as long as the blade doesnt crack (its much thinner than the knife i made), i have done everything that is left (cleaning up the razor, polishing, scales, honing). i am sure with more experience and a better grinder the results will get better and better but i am happy with how it is going so far.

    tempering is underway. using a toaster oven. razor is in back. in front is a marking knife i had made but had not tempered yet.
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    Well just starting my next one C & W Higginbotham Sheffield razor, now this one is a huge learning curve for me but this is what it looks like at the moment.....

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 6.jpg

    As you can see why now lol....

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