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Razor Inventory. Who has what? Which are the Favorites?

Just finished reorganizing my straight razor inventory for the leventyleventh time. At this point I’m pondering the merits of calling a razor acquisition sabbatical for a while. Those seldom seem to work out well though.
The storage reassignment task did give me an opportunity to take a detailed look at the quality, quantity, and overall picture of my collection. Got me wondering what else is out there and what razors are regarded as the most popular, based on ownership numbers?
Mine look like this; number of each owned:
Most Popular-Thiers Issard-15
Runners Up-
Brian Brown Razor Works-6
Ralf Aust-6
Rasoir Sabre (and variants)-4
The following (“Orphans”)-1 each
Tim Zowada
Hart Steel
Jerry Stark
….and three Japanese which are quite nice but I have no real idea who made them🤷‍♂️
Oh…and a Gold Dollar lab rat😖

So, what’s in your inventory?
Without pulling out the razors I think I have
8 or so Heljestrands (these are definitly bad, will take them off anyone who has them)
2 Pumas (I want more)
1 thiers issard (really love it, got it so I could hone it to death and not feel bad)
1 Japanese razor (love it a lot. Want more but my last 2 have had bad steel unfortunately)
1 Portland razor (was a gift so will never sell. Very nice razor but wish the grind was a little better)
1 Filarmonica (great razor, will maybe get more in future for right price)
1 wade and butcher (my first razor that was a gift. Great razor).
1 Swedish steel iwaski kamisori (really great razor!)

I think when in the market I am looking for more Japanese razors, with any good solingen as a second. Will probably take any heljestrand I am looking for at the right price. With new razors I like the base model thier issard razors, and I can hone all day without feeling bad. Maybe another sheffield if the price is right.

I'm interested in a Koraat razor but rescaled (love thin scales). Also wanting a custom in the shape of a king pelican 14, or maybe a hoshi tombo. Living in Germany at the moment so will probably get a Revisor/wacker razor before I leave.

Hobby wise would say I have been more focused on jnats and just got another stone from Flo. I can see myself adding a new vintage and 1 new production/custom razor each year though. Depending on where I might end up on the globe next I might also jump into some new hobbies. I might get into photography or woodworking (if wood working I could see myself getting into making a few scales). If I don't get into any new hobbies though, I will be on the hunt for a western ground iwasaki.

Lot of rambling in that post but cheers either way🍺
No idea on the current number...but has to be around a dozen Bengalls now, 2 Pumas, couple of Eskilstuna razors, dozen or so random Solingens, a Theirs Issard, couple of modified Gold Dollars...I do need to do an inventory at some point.

I have around 200 these days, some are in various stages of restoration, but the majority are in great condition. Yep, I have a problem, LOL. More pics in the next post.
I’m still pulling razors out of storage and have purchased a “few” (cough cough) lately that are en route to be evaluated. I have a solitary WTB but I’m waiting for just the right example. There are about 20 others that probably won’t make the cut to enjoy in a shaving rotation.
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Would murder for the heljestrands! Nice collection.
My collection is still quite small, but I am rather proud of it. So far I have collected:

Gold Dollar 208, shorty & Square Point (unmuted) my 1st real SR, it was originally a full length round point, but it was cut back to a shorty after I dropped it

Rauf Aust 5/8 full hollow, Square Point (muted) a gift to myself for getting a promotion at work

Tholozan Le Stephanois 6/8" near wedge, found at my local car boot sale

X2 John Heiffor 6/8" near wedge, my weekend set, however one of them has broken scales.

Top of my SR wish list is a Koraat, which I shall probably order this year as a 40th birthday present to myself.
I primarily hunt in the wild, and am trying to slow down. I enjoy edge restoration.

Categories, not counts:

USA made (lots)
Solingen (a bunch, including some NOS)
Sheffield (a bunch)
Japanese (a few and 1 kami)
French (a few)
Imported to USA with USA reseller identification (a fair number)

Modern, mostly purchased new over the net:
Solingen (a bunch including a Wacker 7DS)
'Artisan' (a few, Koraat, Rigarazor, Portland Razor)
T-I (not really a fan)
Ertan Süer's 'brands' (total fanboy!)
Chinese (a few bycatch)
I saw this thread and started an inventory then decided I'm happy to be an Egyptian crocodile. Living in de Nile.

I know I have 2 Rigarazors, 3 Japanese westerns, a few Sheffields, a number of Solingens, a growing number of Heljestrands in varying states of shave readiness from pristine and sharp to why the hell did I get that, a few other Swedes from different makers (EA Berg, Eriksson and Björklund, Tornblom, JA Helberg etc). I must sort them out and do a proper inventory soon.
In the interest of keeping it brief and simple,
I'll just list the razors,
for which there is more than one by the same manufacturer,
in my rotation.

5 Fili 14's first generation:
2 Imperials, different iterations,
2 Especials , first and second iteration,
and a JMP Doble Temple ,

4 Le Grelot:
2 x 791 Athos,
360 6/8,
363 5/8

2 Heljestrand:
one old one, no model number or name
MK 33
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