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Razor Inventory. Who has what? Which are the Favorites?

I have:

3 Iwasaki tamahagane folding kami
2 Henkotsu folding Kami
1 Picker folding Kami
1 New Gold folding Kami Swedish steel
1 Tsurayuki folding Kami
6 Boker Straight razors all stainless and 5 are Damasteel
1 Thiers Issard Damascus
1 Wacker Damascus
3 Stubtails, 2 are from the mid to late 1700's and one is a modern rendition that's a flat grind. All great shavers
1 Dovo stainless wedge

If I had to choose my favorite, it would be the Iwasaki Tamahagane Folding Kami's but all of these razors I own are excellent shavers.
3 modern T.I.s
Koraat Basic ii wedge
1850s Bengal Cast steel wedge
1840s W&B which is unusuable, but still cool. Initials and '44 carved into the scales.
Gold dollar 208 rescaled
Levering "artist" razor (should get that one out again, love the little thing)
Some German "silver steel" razor that I can't quite recall the name of. It shaves.
Rescaled Henckels with a model number I haven't been able to find a lick of information on. Ground very thin. Still annoyed I broke the original scales on it.

I thought writing it all out in a list would freak me out but I have less than I thought I had LOL. Do Rolls Razors count? I forget if I have 3 or 4 of them.

Antique Hoosier

Updated after culling a few. Expecting 3 keepers to arrive soon to bring it to a round figure of 40. Mostly Sweden, 7 German, 2 W&B FBU, novelty Christmas scale, Whale bone pique, early Stubtail, Ivory to include pair from London, various Eskilstuna with Tortoise and other scales.

The 3 that are arriving are a single MK31 in plastique MK scales, and two banger Grail pieces that I won’t mention until they are in hand. Cheers fellas.
I shouldn't look at this thread.
I shouldn't look at this thread.

I looked at this thread.

I simultaneously feel like I have too many razors, yet tempted by more.

Faves are (in no particular order): Dorko 5/8, Gong 6/8, TI egyptian Sheaf, Dovo 5/8 special tortoise (my first)

From memory:
dovo 5/8 special tortoise
dovo 6/8 bismark
dovo 41 5/8 inox w/genuine MoP slab scales
dorko 5/8 something or other
gong cutlery 6/8
TI 6/8 egyptian sheaf
TI 5/8 Le Canadien
Ti 6/8 un branded test thing
Tosuke (i think)
2 or 3 Wapienica 5/8
wusthoff 5/8

there are some random other things kicking around waiting to be made shave ready.
I believe it is very hard to find a finer shaver than a big full hollow Swedish blade.I am not an expert but it seems that they used to keep the best steel for themselves after supplying the rest to the world .
I was very lucky to find some NOS Helbergs from a local vendor many years ago.The story behind my find is that the importer failed to sell the razors and kept them stored,because the asking price was almost twice that of the competition.So even if the barbers considered the Eskilstuna made razors superior to the German made ones they could not afford buying them .
Lucky me…..
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